The Cruise Family Has a Flowbee with One Setting


Tom, Katie and Suri are all proof that the trend of bangs has definitely taken over Hollywood. With their shiny brown coifs, it appears that uniformity is the family motto. I have to admit that these pictures of mother and daughter are very cute. Katie is carrying Suri, who is in turn carrying a stuffed animal that looks like Curious George–and I might be wrong, but it also looks like a baby doll’s legs are sticking from under George as well. Well, would you look at that–little Suri already has an entourage. Girlfriend rolls deep. And just when I think that everything looks hunky-dory with these guys on the surface, I read that Tom’s adopted kids are now referring to Katie as “mom” and referring to Nicole Kidman as “Nicole,” much to Nicole’s chagrin. It just makes me thing that something has to be up with that guy…I don’t care how many people he rescues.

Photos: Splash

More photos of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise arriving at their hotel in NYC after the jump.

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Photos: Splash