Katie Holmes Replaced Nicole Kidman As “Mom”

December 20th, 2007 // 18 Comments

Does anyone feel like she dresses way older than she actually is? I know she wants to be a fashionista, but can she young it up a bit? She’s not 40. Here’s Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise exiting Raffles L’Ermitag in Beverly Hills and heading out to brunch. They plan to spend the holidays with their families in Telluride, Colorado. “Last year was Suri’s first Christmas. It was so spectacular to share the holidays with her. It really meant the world to me. To be able to create a tradition for your children is one of the best gifts you can have,” Katie told “Parade”. Holmes Girl plans to make “garlic mashed potatoes” for the family dinner and maybe “a cheesecake”. And to fake her death in a skiing accident so she can escape and kidnap Suri at a later date. You know that plot is going to unfurl one of these days. Why do you think she runs marathons? Anyway, Katie says that Tom’s adopted children Isabella and Connor call her “Mom”. Not “Step-Mom” or “Second Mom” or “Katie-Mom”. But “Mom”. Does Nicole Kidman know about this? She probably does and doesn’t care. You never see her with those kids anymore. Why? Because she isn’t thrilled that they’re being raised as galactic volcano worshippers and has said so. I’m sure Tom keeps those kids away from her as much as possible. This is not your ordinary family. Oh, and note that Nicole says that the kids NEVER call her “Mom”. They call her “Nicole”. Yeah, those kids aren’t in anyway hers anymore. Does Scientology allow for Santa Claus? Probably not. Suri’s going to grow up thinking that some big bug eyed multi tentacled magma spewing alien teleports the presents under the tree. Santa Claus is a surpressive personality, yo.

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By J. Harvey

  1. blah

    Remember when they were first dating and she actually dressed her age? That was cute, she looked good and she also looked like a girl in her 20′s. I love the way she looks now, but it’s hard to look at her and realize that she’s still in her 20′s.

  2. Ugh

    I’m 47 and don’t dress as old as she does.

  3. Sam

    I think the change was really made when she cut her hair so short. She’s still only 26!! She needs to work the body while she has it.

  4. grisgris

    I think Katie dresses beautifully classic. She has a very glamorous style. I applaud her for not dressing “younger”, which is just code for slutty.

  5. grisgris

    I think Katie dresses beautifully classic. She has a very glamorous style. I applaud her for not dressing “younger”, which is just code for slutty.

  6. grisgris

    I think Katie dresses beautifully classic. She has a very glamorous style. I applaud her for not dressing “younger”, which is just code for slutty.

  7. Sarah

    Katie has been hit or miss on the dressing her age subject.
    I just want to know why Scientologists celebrate Christmas??!!
    Is Christmas Day the day Jesus landed in his spaceship pod?

  8. HEEEE there, tommy asshole, you little weasel!!
    This is what people name as “REAL-LIFE ACTING”, dumb asshole!!
    Thanks for showing us katie!!

  9. pinksalute

    She really looks tired. Her makeup is not
    covering those bags under her eyes!
    Get some sleep Katie!!

  10. dahlia

    Oh, please…dressing “young” and “sexy” does NOT mean dressing “slutty”. I’m 48 and dress younger than she does. Tom has turned a lovely, vibrant young lady into a sexless automaton.

  11. MikeinSanJose

    She’s lying! Scientology kids don’t call their parents Mom and Dad. They’re all on a first-name basis. Parents, Teachers, any authority figure…

    “They call me Mom” is some story the ‘church’ told her to say so they can get at Nicole. Church of Scientology doesn’t really like it when you leave the cult. Especially if you are fabulously wealthy.

  12. Sharon

    I don’t care whether she dresses young or old. She has zero sex appeal, zero personality, and zero style. That’s not necessarily wrong, but when it comes to being a “star” you need those three things. She ruined Batman.

  13. karen3

    Ok, I’m done with Katie. She’s as manipulative as Tommy Girl. It’s very cruel that she would make that statement after Nicole recently said her children call her “Nicole.”

    She also stated in the mag that Tommy liked her to tell him the daily female gossip when she filmed “Mad Money.” Yuck!

  14. Patti

    I can’t believe how much Katie looks like Suri in the first picture. It’s the haircut and the cheeks I think.

  15. emma

    She said that about the “mom” *because* Nicole recently mentioned the children call her Nicole. Let’s be realistic about blended families here – you don’t call the woman who raised you by her first name AND call the new young replacement wife “mom” within a year — unless someone tells you you have to.

    It’s all so creepy. I used to think they were just overly scrutinized, but even when Katie relates a Tom story that you can tell is meant to be endearing and sweet, it comes out sounding so controlling.

    I mean who among us actually brags enthusiastically that we engage in talk and laughter with girl friends before work. It’s such a normal thing – why would she remark on it as if it were something exceptional and extraordinary? And how creepy that Tom needed to know what she spoke to her friends about every day! You know how at some point you had a female friend who would talk about her “wonderful boyfriend” in this way – and your heart kind of broke for her because it was clear he was manipulative and insecure and controlling but you knew she wouldn’t listen to you if you tried to point it out? Yeah, Katie is that girl. Only I’m pretty sure she knows.

  16. Ouuuch

    In a couple of those pictures she looks older than he does. That’s one way to stay looking young, Tom.

  17. emma

    Tom is such a FAKE, I don’t know why he does that, is he insecure or what? I think he is just beginning to realize we are on to him. I kinda feel sorry for him, it must be such a chore to try and hide his true personality from the public. I wish he would go see a phychologist but EVERYBODY knows he doesn’t beleive in them. Maybe thats the problem!

  18. duke

    raised as what ? are you kidding me people need to actually know what there talking about before they pass judgement on someone else for there believes

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