Katie Not Ready To Have Another Child By Secret Surrogate Just Yet

You may hate on that, but remember when her pregnant belly kept going up and down? Unless this was a David Cronenberg movie, that was pretty suspect. And they put the kid in a Tom Cruise wig so it looks just a little like her majesty. Anyway, Katie Holmes is denying that she’s pregnant right now but sources say she might want to accquire another child in the future to pass off as her and Tom’s.

Holmes has the rumour mills buzzing when she wore a high-volume Balenciaga gown at a Berlin airport October 13. However, her rep insists that the actress is not pregnant with her second child as yet.

“She is not pregnant,” Usmagazine.com quoted the rep, as saying.

But according to a pal, the couple have not ruled out more babies. The friend revealed that Holmes has already been talking about having more babies with her famous hubby.

“Katie told me she wants another child with (Tom). She talks about it a lot. But I do not know when exactly they plan to have another baby,” the pal said.

When they can find some pregnant teenager in Romania that can be paid a lot of money to hand the kid over and shut up is when it’s going to happen! Katie may be zoned out of her gourd on tranquilizers and Scientology conditioning, but she’s smart enough to realize that Tom’s not the the sea captain to take the skin boat to tuna town. So they need to look for children elsewhere!

(Bauer-Griffin Online)