Suri Cruise Lives!

April 4th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Suri Cruise makes her first appearance in awhile! She’s adorable! Here she is with dad Tom Cruise playing in a Los Angeles park. I don’t like how he appears to be clinging to her and whispering that she’s a child born of prophecy and she will grow to be queen of the 10,000-year-old dead alien souls trapped here and bring an age of peace and prophecy to the Earth. As long as you’re not autistic, don’t come out as gay, do everything they say and have no problem donating most of your income to the Scientology higher-ups. Suri better study comparative religions in school, arm herself with knowledge and make ready to break away when she’s got the chance. They already got Mom.

For the full set of 42 Tom and Suri pictures, go to Bauer-Griffin Online.


By J. Harvey

  1. kris

    She is just so adorable. I bet she is gorgeous when she grows up.

  2. spaz

    suri is a cutie…but really, who takes a kid to the playground in a dress? a WHITE dress?

    blatant photo op. he heard the gossip bloggers (and the cover of one of the weekly rags) saying “where’ suri? she hasn’t been seen in weeks” and lo and behold, here she is.

  3. Elizabeth

    Gor God’s sake, this child is adorable, but put put her into in some play clothes! You’re at the freakin’ PLAYGROUND. I am so sick of the Cruises dressing their daughter as a China doll instead of a real kid. Climb on that playground equipment, Suri, but be careful not to trip on your dress. If you wear some Keds and shorts next time, you will be able to run fast and escape fom your parents!

  4. ceejay

    Totally agree about putting a toddler in a white dress to play at a park. Did you see how hesitant she was around the park equipment? Very odd and not a genuine moment at all.

  5. z

    Suri never smiles. Sad little girl.

  6. Kathy

    Wow, here is a dad and his kid playing nice at the park. Do you have to label it with such hate. Lighten up, your talking about a small child. There must be some real A-holes in hollywood to rip up!!!

  7. Rekrul

    “Ok Suri, this is called a playground. It’s where poor kids go when their parents don’t have enough money to buy their own amusement park. Be a good girl and don’t go near the wogs.”

  8. Don’t understand why celebs take kids to park when you know they have to have a really nice play set at home. This must be a photo opt! She is not dressed in play clothes.

  9. Jaime Bentley

    I bet that she’s autistic or something. Scientologists are totally against autistics!

  10. autism mom

    I think she is autistic. She never smiles, makes eye contact, and is not looking when Tom is pointing.

    Instead of being interested in the play equipment or other children, she is more interested in the sand, up close.

    She seems completely detatched, like my daughter was at that age.

  11. Kate

    I, too, think she could be autistic.

    God bless her.

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