Tom Sizemore Is A Free Man

December 20th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Photos: WENN

All around mess Tom Sizemore has finished serving his sentence for a probation violation. Tom violated his probation for a 2004 methamphetamine conviction. This guy is a rolling wreck who went into the joint this past June. You know you’ve hit bottom when you sell a sex tape featuring yourself so you can make money to afford tina. That sex tape was grotesque. No I didn’t buy it. But I saw clips. No one should have to watch a junkie try to work it up to finish off some bored hookers. And he also claimed he had sex with Paris Hilton to raise sales so he could afford at least one little baggie of crystal. That’s filthy. Any and all copies of that tape should be shot into space. Tom has been free since Dec. 10, having earned credits for time served, attending drug rehab programs in jail and good behavior. Tom somehow magically got his OTHER crystal conviction from last May taken care of as well. Those must be some hot pics he has of the judge with farm animals, because somehow all he has to do with that one is stay in a drug program. LA, we love it.

By J. Harvey

  1. He’s a free asshole so no controle of your wife or anything anylonger. The time has come to fuck FAGGOTS. The man has eyes of a faggot and in short he is the “proud owner” of HERPES or WORSE!!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    Does anyone have a Gerard translator handy? Kthxbai!!

    Tom looks good when he’s clean, people like him so he should be hired again and if he stays clean keep working. He’ll never have the career he deserved. Drugs, a hell of a thing – right Gerard?

  3. Alexa

    Ouch! I’ll admit I don’t know anything about this guy – but I do feel for those caught in the trap of addiction. HOW SAD to have gotten so swept away by this addiction that he humiliated himself to such a degree. Think about it! If you don’t BELIEVE you’d ever even consider doing such a thing, just thank the heavens that you’ve never had to experience just how deep addiction can take you.

    Yes, SOME addicts are also people of low morals. However – some of the best people have been seduced right down to the devil’s den via addiction’s cunning deceptions.

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