Tom Murro Talks To Todd Bridges

Celebrity magnet Tom Murro had a chance to talk to Different Strokes actor Todd Bridges while Todd is in the midst of a promotion tour for his book Killing Willis.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Tom: Corey Haim passed away last week, how are you handling that?
Todd: “I had tried to get Corey to stop taking prescription drugs and take care himself,” I hope he has found peace.
Tom: Do you still talk to Gary Coleman?
Todd: “No, I don’t talk to him anymore”.
Tom: I hear he has a new movie
Todd: Oh yeah? “What’s the name of it?”
Tom: You know The one that shows his junk, “Midgets vs Mascots”
Todd: “You know that ain’t real right?” ( laughing )
Tom: How would you know? ( laughing )
Todd: Have you seen it? “You know that thing is fake!” (laughing)
Tom: Are you sure?
Todd: “C’mon man Gary ain’t got nothing like that, I mean that thing is touchin the ground!”( both laughing)

Gary Coleman responded: Whatyoutalkinbouttood.