Tom Hardy Dips A Hand Inside His Joe Boxers!

July 30th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Of course in the world of celebrity, once you announce that you have had sexual relationships with men in the past, a picture surfaces that only seems to spur that news and starts going around like wildfire. The picture above of Tom Hardy is just that.

With a pose that can be only meant for MySpace, Facebook or Grindr, Hardy’s revealing a bit of skin and shoving his hand down has pants.

On the flip-side, he looks smashing all dressed up too. He was seen with girlfriend Charlotte Riley at the horse races yesterday in Chichester, England!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Joe

    Damn, and he can act, too.

    But first of all, DAMN!

  2. daws

    Tom Hardy = my new obsession

  3. pip

    Its a photo from a magazine shoot not a personal shot.

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