Tom Ford Makes Me Feel Ugly

April 17th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Which is probably his raison d’être. He exacerbates my insecurity complex. Here’s Tom Ford in Prestige magazine, looking hot and rich. He’s unleashing a menswear line upon the world which I’m sure only rich and beautiful people can afford.

My issue with Tom is that in one part of the interview he’s all about how much “confidence” is a turn-on and how everyone should be confident. And then he spouts this:

“I take pride in my appearance. And dressing well is kind of good manners, if you ask me. You’re inflicting yourself on the public in the same way as a piece of furniture. When you’re standing in a room, your effect on that room is the same as a chair’s effect, or a sculpture. You’re part of someone’s view, you’re a part of that world, and so you should . . . I find it’s a show of respect to try to put on your best face and look as good as you can.”

Jesus, f*cking christ. Who needs the pressure? Does this mean I can’t go out in a hoodie with my face all scruffy? What if I have a zit (or three)? Huh? What if I can balance a beer bottle on my Who the hell can be “on” all the time? Soulless fashion robots, that’s who. “Inflicting yourself on the public”? Holy shite! You’ve inflicted yourself on my psyche, asshole!

More photos of Tom Ford for Presige Magazine are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. james

    He is my favorite star. He looks COOL. I saw him on celeb dating site –millionaire romances . c o m–last week. It is said he is dating a young billionaire on that site now. Is that true?

  2. T-Bone

    It’s one thing to value good health, cleanliness, and appearance, and a whole other thing to compare human beings to pieces of art and furniture. What a superficial A$$. Seriously, who could even spend their time around someone who thinks like this?

  3. Nonplussed!

    Oh please?
    He’s a fashion person, turning to him for philosophy is like turning to Stephen Hawking for dance moves.
    For all his primping and preening the man has skinny legs and he’s a ninny!

  4. fifth_miracle

    T-Bone and Nonplussed!>>
    I am right there with you guys>>>not only is Tom Ford and the rest of his hangers-on/cronies are delusional and disconnected from the reality of things>>Its pitiful really>>

    But people that have money and affluence buy into this “luxury” theme so many designers have been pushing since the beginning of time. You know, “I have to have this>>I’ll die if I don’t have the new…” I mean don’t get me wrong< i have no problem spending a premium on clothing/shoes once in a while (more like once in a blue moon or when I get my tax refund:) but by no means do I spend my entire check on a pair of strappy sandles every pay-period

    I am quite content with wearing my 20ty dollar levi,converse and my white-t spank you very much!

  5. Eyes of Green

    “I take pride in my appearance. And dressing well is kind of good manners, if you ask me…”

    Well, he does kinda have a point because I think it is good manners to not show your boxer covered ass with your pants down around your knees like so many kids/men/downright thugs do these days, and please I don’t want to see the wifebeater t-shirt topping that ensemble – but I grew up in a family where we did not leave the house to check the mail without at least putting on lipstick so I could be biased…

  6. Anne Arkham

    I agree. It is good manners to look nice.

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