Tom Cruise’s Shows Yahoo! Some Skin

March 30th, 2006 // 19 Comments

During Tom Cruise‘s Yahoo! chair jumping exhibition, Tom showed the crowd that he’s a personal fan of the low-rise jean (or maybe he could just use a belt). Once again he’s expressing his metrosexuality through his clothing choices.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. classicsusan


  2. Gossip Guru

    Ok that is pretty hot!!! Not a fan a Tom Cruise nor do I find him attractive but suddenly want to bang him!

  3. Small Fry

    Ewww, is he going commando?

  4. He’s just wearing Katie’s jeans, it makes him feel closer to her.

  5. tia

    I used to work at Express and of course all the metro guys came in there .. anyway they loved the low rise jeans. We could barely keep them in stock. So Tom is just followin the trend .. you go tom !! Hey Gossip Guru lets make a tom cruise sandwich :)

  6. PleaseThink

    That turns me on. Wish there was some shots from the back. I would lick his crack.

  7. Maddyboy

    Tom’s brain might be borderline insane, but his face and body drive me crazy. I’d definitely do him.

  8. terk

    Queer as a football bat

  9. So he is not longer wearing Paper Denim & Cloth?

  10. ravenswing

    Just rent “All the Right Moves”, you get to see pretty much everything…and it’s a good movie to boot

  11. las

    Please, Lord, don’t let those jeans fall. We don’t need to see his “I Heart L. Ron” tattoo!

  12. Katie Holmes


  13. KatieHolmes'Alien

    I’m almost out Mommy!

    And we can take the $$$$ Money and get the heck out of here!

  14. Nicole

    Notice he hardly has a package, yuckkkkkkkk tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny

  15. helen

    Tom= fantasm N°1 in the world.

  16. las

    You’re right, Nicole, I only just noticed… or rather, noticed that there wasn’t much to notice. ;)

  17. Katie holmes

    Damn i told Tom to stop acting like a fool-and 2 keep his homo ass at home to safeguard the contract that i had 2 sign that says he is a fudge-peaker but i cant even tell him this cause i was told that i cant talk for the next 20 years-damn u scientology!

  18. PleaseThink

    My experience with white boys has been it may start out small but once you put it in water it grows like a mother fu*ker

  19. delicioustom


    he might be crazy as hell, but look at that ass! i wanna taste it!! such a hot man!

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