Tom Cruise’s Restroom Shame

May 25th, 2006 // 47 Comments

Do not take a photo of the Cruise while entering or exiting a restroom. The shame! All along, I never knew that Tom Cruise actually urinates or takes a dump. I would have thought at his level of Scientology, he would have someone do that for him. But alas, he is mortal.

Once again, where is Suri? I’m sure she misses her mommy and daddy.

More photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes enjoying yet another sporting event, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Madge

    She’s looking a little better, not so bloated.
    I wonder how much time she actually spends away from the baby?

  2. tia

    Or maybe he is just tired of the papparazzi following his every move. A lot of people dont like pictures taken of them while they are leaving the restroom. Britney Spears hid when they tried to take pics of her coming out of the bathroom. Eminem wrote about it in one of his songs, and I believe something like this happened to Kid Rock a few years back. They are trying to take a piss and the camera is all in their face. Its like damn I may be famous, but im also a human. Can I please have some space. Call me ignorant or a crazy TC fan, but I can understand this picture. He just wants to be left alone.

  3. His teeth are all jacked up!

  4. Small Fry

    I wonder if they hold hands and cuddle while simultaneously taking a dump?

    And Tia, if he doesn’t want to be photographed then he should STAY THE F*CK HOME!!!!!!!

  5. Steven

    Tom is so cute. :-)

  6. tia

    LOL! Okay Small Fry. You are right. LOL

  7. C

    When were these taken? I thought she was in Ohio with the parents…

  8. Grphdesi23

    This is the point where Tom tells Katie what he REALLY does in bathrooms.

    With Men.

  9. Grphdesi23

    This is the point where Tom tells Katie what he REALLY does in bathrooms.

    With Men.

  10. 2 Old 4 This

    Why are they both coming out of the SAME restroom at the SAME time?

    Cripes! Can’t she take a whiz without Scientology supervision??????

  11. Laura

    Can these two do ANYTHING without the other one trailing right behind their ass! I mean we get it!!! You all in LOVE, but damn take some ME time…and where is the “baby” I’ve yet to see a family outing?!

  12. Gossip Guru

    That looks nothing like Tom Cruise>

  13. ravenswing

    agreed! where in hell is the baby?????!!!!!

  14. woodyette

    They are Ferberizing Suri! That’s the Ferber method of self-soothing!

    Isn’t that what all good parents do?

  15. jennifer

    The bathroom pics dont look like TC… she looks miserable in all of them though. I wonder if they will do a Dawson Creek reunion and poke fun at this….. you got KH with TC (who questionably gay) and then you hvae Michelle Williams who played in a movie with her boyfriend who makes out with a guy…. then Michelle Williams best friend and KH ex boyfriend on the show was gay… may be they just both have really strong ass gaydar.

  16. Kim

    Hey, my mom has the same coat!! (not Katie’s, the other woman’s). It’s from Sears. Where’s Tom?

  17. Kristin

    What’s up with Katie’s mouth? In every picture it looks all jacked up. Is she trying to send us messages with her facial features? Is she planning an escape and hoping someone will notice her subliminal mouth messages?

  18. k

    Are these the “let’s pretend we don’t want our picture taken but we really do so we can prove Katie is not in Ohio” pictures?

  19. netty

    She’s obviously not breast feeding her baby. And they dont care who’s arms she’s in. I guess NANNIES the word. Seriously with a brand new baby is it bad to bond?

  20. Brian

    It’s AMAZING how yet again,Tom is taller than Katie in these pics.

  21. Brian

    It’s AMAZING how yet again,Tom is taller than Katie in these pics.

  22. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    At least they wear shoes in the restroom. That’s more than we can say for Britney Spears.

  23. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    At least they wear shoes in the restroom. That’s more than we can say for Britney Spears.

  24. bigsur

    He’s still waiting patiently for Brangelina’s baby to come so he can show off Suri!

  25. Babybing

    L. Ron Hubbard discouraged breast feeding because it increases the bond of the mother and child without the father’s participation.

  26. TKat

    I bet the two people standing on each side of TomKat clapping are Scientology cohorts. The lady probably watches Katie’s every move: “Now you can clap Katie dear”

  27. ugt2bkdngme

    Of course that’s Tom, people! You can tell from the gay-ass bangs.

  28. jrzmommy

    Why is he in the bathroom with her? Is he afraid she’s going to pull the old slip out the bathroom window trick?
    Hey, Britney Spears has made some rookie mistakes with her kid, but at least she’s WITH him.

  29. jrzmommy

    Why is he in the bathroom with her? Is he afraid she’s going to pull the old slip out the bathroom window trick?
    Hey, Britney Spears has made some rookie mistakes with her kid, but at least she’s WITH him.

  30. jrzmommy

    I bet Brooke Shields is with her kids………..

  31. las

    I bet he’s annoyed because they wouldn’t applaud him for being such a big boy and using the potty. Either that, or the hot guy in the next stall turned him down.

  32. Jane

    Wanker best sums him up.

  33. Patty

    Could her shoes be any flater and could his be any higher (must be the lifts)….

  34. marni

    Ok…so I see that no one has the answer..why were they in the same loo together? bizzare….

  35. RunawayPoster

    Marni, my guess is that he had to go, and couldn’t leave her unsupervised for a second in fear she’d run for her life!

  36. las

    He probably insisted that they go stand in there, so they could imply to the press that they were having a bit of nookie.

    Are you serious, that coat is from Sears? How sad. Her clothing has become really cheap-looking in a lot of pics, even though she keeps buying stuff at high-end stores. I guess the Sea Org slaves don’t want to waste any unnecessary cult money.

  37. TruthIs

    Look at how thick the soles of his shoes are! And see how flat Katie’s are. He just can’t stand to have his woman look taller than he is!

  38. coffeegod

    What a train wreck. She’s in Ohio. She’s not in Ohio. The baby’s his. No way the baby is his.

    Know who I feel sorry for? Suri. She’s got a wingnut for a mom and a complete jack*ss for a ‘father’.

    They should do the kid a favor and let it be raised by wolves.

  39. val

    maybe he’s just having flashbacks to the bathroom scene in top gun… “this is my ass wrapped in a towel, now STICK IT IN MEN!”

  40. t.maybother

    Tom always does that same weird smile in every pic. It’s like he thinking “I’m way cool. I’m too sexy. Everyone loves seeing me. I’m king of the world!” Tom with that modest hand in front of head pose doesn’t fool anyone. He’s just trying trying extra hard to be a little less in your face.

  41. GeorgeM

    Katie must be accompanied by Cruise at all times even when going to the bathroom to make sure she obeys the laws of Scientology. Either that or Katie wanted to prevent Tom from being involved in a George Micheal incident.

  42. jolierancher

    Maybe he’s ashamed because he was caught trying to get turned on by Katie.

    They were role playing “truck stop Tom” and she wore a mustache and a strap on while he wore chaps.

  43. Jenny

    Do they always have to be holding hands? I mean I’m in a loving relationship but we’re not constantly looking for each other’s hands when walking down the street. What the heck.

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    If you fix the Mind you fix ones life. I hope you can see what I am trying to communicate. I mean well… Just try to understand Tom, he is a really great guy. People make others wrong to make themselves right. It’s called Justification That is just the pathway to deeper unconciousness and degregation.

  45. lornaellie

    eh??? aahahahahhaaa! ahahahhaa ahhaha ahahaha ahahahahaa aaahahhaaaaaaaaaaa heeeeheheheeheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahahahaaaaaa :) (ouch my tummy)

  46. Aus

    Wat the f*#% was that…….its amazing how much bull pple can write….save the scientology crap for someone who cares….

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