Tom Cruise’s Medical Forum

Tom Cruise finally answers some of the questions we’ve been asking about the healing power of vitamins. In the first interview for the blog Tom Cruise’s Medical Forum, Tom tackles the nitty gritty. The interview is entitled, Tom Cruise on the Universal Efficacy of Vitamins in Treating Every Medical Problem Known to Man. Here’s a samling:

Your deciding to speak out publicly and authoritatively about medical matters makes you sort of anomalous among movie actors.

You know, you get to a point where you say enough is enough. People are being misled, badly cared for, and needlessly damaged by the attitudes prevalent in American Medicine, movie actors among them.

Like whom?

Well, take for example Christopher Reeve.

Who suffered massive spinal cord injuries in a riding accident.

Exactly. Now here is a man, and I care about Christopher Reeve because I think he is an incredibly talented man. But look at him; where has his career gone?

I, uh, hate to be the one to tell you this, but Mr. Reeve passed away last year.

You’re kidding.

I wish I were.

Mr. Cruise goes on in detail about a number of hands on experiences that he has had in administering vitamins to others.

Meanwhile we should help free Katie, before she becomes addicted to multi-vitamins.

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