Tom Cruise Wears Sneakers With Lifts To Suri Cruise Playdate

August 15th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Wow. Someone is a little self-concious about his height. Tom Cruise (enjoying his stay in Australia), Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri Cruise are spotted taking some time out to relax on the grass in Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

However all was not as it seemed. Tom had extra soles glued to his custom Nike tennis shoes to make himself appear taller. If he’s bothered by his height, I can only imagine lengths he would go to if he has a small penis.

Gallery Info: Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes With Suri Cruise At A Park In Melbourne

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    Those are lifts on those tennis shoes! Tom always wears boots (with a big heel on them) year round, so I do think he has somewhat of a height complex.

  2. WimpyCelebrityKidsSuck

    they baby that kid way too much

  3. randomreetie

    well, this is the second round of pictures where nobody looks very happy. Would it kill Tom to flash us one of those smiles we used to love so much??

  4. someone

    He should make Katie wear flats all the time around him, thats what he did to Nicole, when those two got divorced, she said she was happy she could wear heels again!

  5. Littleguy

    We want the truth? Tom can’t handle the truth!

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