Tom Cruise Wants You To Know He Doesn’t Have An Ego

June 12th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Although Tom Cruise, seen here filming a commercial for ESPN with
in Los Angeles, June 11th,  has done some super weird things in the past few years and people were pretty freaked out by him for awhile, its seems like lately he has been much more grounded.

His latest performance at the MTV Movie Awards as Les Grossman really showed everyone he his sense of humor and that he can even laugh at himself. Don’t get me wrong, Katie Holmes‘ random dancing performances with him are still slightly uncomfortable to watch, but its nice to see the leading man loosen up and show his fun side.

He says he has always kept his ego in check over the years and claims he is ‘just an actor’.

‘I have been a lucky man. I have a privileged life. I have never let my
ego grow. I’m aware that I’m just an actor. I have a ball with people
and I feel thankful when they scream my name at a movie premiere,’ Cruise said.

“In the past 25 years, I’ve witnessed how my
life and my reality have been completely distorted, twisted and
exaggerated. I have to continue being myself even though sometimes it
takes a huge effort.”

Nice Tom, we are glad to see you are aware of your weird side and are trying to keep it real. 

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. t-man

    i’m ashamed to admit this, but ill be the first person to see his knight and day movie when it comes out. it looks like summer fun.

  2. daws

    He’s been in some great movies but I just find him rather off-putting (and even creepy) sometimes.

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