Tom Cruise Under ‘Fire’ Again

(What is up with that arm over the belly pose? Can we say awkward. Did Katie forget to strap on her bump?)

Is it too early for a pun? Well, Tom Cruise has managed to piss off yet another set of people. This time it’s the New York Fire Department. It’s all over the Scientologists’ New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.

The Scientology devotee has urged emergency services victims to give up their medication and inhalers as part of a ‘purification rundown,’ which favors sauna sessions, ingestion of cooking oil and large doses of niacin as cures instead.

As co-founder of the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, Cruise has also supported a new Scientology clinic preaching these remedies near the Ground Zero site.

But the unorthodox therapy has been slammed as ridiculous and potentially harmful by members of the medical profession, as well as sufferers themselves.

Deputy Fire Commissioner Frank Gribbon tells gossip site, “If our doctors are prescribing medication, and they (Scientologists) are saying ‘don’t take it,’ that’s a problem for us.”

He adds that the department’s deputy chief medical officer Dr. David Prezant has supported criticism of the wacky treatment, saying, “He (Prezant) is not pleased when patients are advised to disobey doctors’ orders. That’s where he drew the line.”

Cruise, however, has defended the venture, claiming, “More than 500 individuals have recovered health and job fitness through this project.”

Plus, they are now sweating pure cooking oil, so they all have nice even tans.

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