Tom Cruise To Wipe Out Psychiatry

Well, yeah. Then he can insure that no one ever gets to the bottom of his freakiness. Another video of Tom Cruise acting like a maniac and discussing his plans for world domination was just yanked from YouTube. In this one, Tom illustrates where he was really going when he took on Matt Lauer a couple of years ago. It’s a rant about psychiatry, and how it’s completely evil and a “crime against humanity”. Sounds like a therapist might have stolen L. Ron Hubbard’s parking spot at some point. In the video, Tom says “”Oh, I’m going hard on those guys, and their reign … psychiatrists. I’ve had…I mean…I’ve absolutely had it. It’s disgusting to me… No mercy… None… Psychiatry doesn’t work.” He also reminds his fellow Scientologists that they have the ability to “crush” psychiatry. If you’re in the mental health field, you better run for the goddamn hills. Tom Cruise doesn’t want you talking about your problems or taking a serontonin enhancer! Just pray to a volcano and all will be well again!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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