Tom Cruise To Make Music?

I don’t yet know how I feel about this. More confused than anything else. From The Sydney Morning Herald:

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Tom’s got a great voice. And he loves that song ever since his Top Gun character Maverick sang it to woo his love interest Kelly McGillis. Katie proved how talented she is musically when she performed in The Singing Detective remake.” Tom’s vocal talents did not go unnoticed by several music producers who attended his wedding, and the couple have apparently been offered staggering sums to sign an exclusive record deal.

I mean, great for Tom and Katie that they can sing. That’s awesome. And they should sing–go and exhaust themselves at karaoke night or maybe they can have an entire karaoke bar built in their home–Lord knows they’ve got the money to do it. But is this an album that really needs to be made? Seriously?

Cruise to the top of the charts [The Sydney Morning Herald]

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