Tom Cruise Terrifies David Beckham With His Dinner Habits

December 17th, 2009 // Leave a Comment

During an interview with George Lopez on his late night talk show, David Beckham revealed that movie star Tom Cruise has a dark side–one that likes to torture the soccer star with threats of…singing?

Becks explains, “We were at dinner once with Tom and Katie [Holmes]…and we sat there and everyone was like, ‘OK, let’s play a music game, let’s start a singing game!’” This might not sound all that scary, except that the 34-year-old professional athlete admits that being asked to sing is his “worst nightmare.”

On a lighter note, Tom and his co-star, Cameron Diaz, bid a fond farewell to Sevilla, Spain, where they were filming such dangerous scenes that included riding on a motorcycle with the bulls. But nothing so terrifying as having to sing in public.

Gallery Info: Tom Cruise
and Cameron Diaz wrap up their last day of filming in Sevilla, Spain.

By Lisa Timmons

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