Tom Cruise Squirted In Face With Fake Microphone

June 20th, 2005 // 8 Comments

I’d have to call this the most brilliant moment of the week, even though it’s only 10:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. Four men we’re arrested in the prank (three we’re filming it) for a new British comedy show. Have I ever said how much I love the British.

The London premiere of “War of the Worlds” turned into a war of words after Tom Cruise was squirted in the face by a man posing as a reporter.

The actor was outside a movie theater in central London’s Leicester Square on Sunday doing press interviews when a man squirted him with a water pistol disguised as a microphone, London’s Metropolitan Police said.

Cruise initially appeared to laugh at the incident but then asked the prankster: “Why would you do that?” As the man gave a barely audible excuse, Cruise said: “Do you like thinking less of people, is that it?” The prankster tried to walk away but Cruise reached across the metal barrier, held his arm and said: “Don’t run away. That’s incredibly rude. I’m here giving you an interview and you do that … it’s incredibly rude.”

The actor grew increasingly irritated and told the man: “You’re a jerk.” Footage of the incident appeared on Sky News TV on Monday.

He’s giving you an interview. Let’s all now bow down to Tom Cruise, our celebrity Lord and Master.

Prank Against Tom Cruise Leads to Arrest [AP]
Thou Shalt Not Squirt In The Face Of God [Proceed At Your Own Risk]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Haha cocky bastard! Shit i watched the video and i found it extremely creepy and awkward to watch how Tom Cruise reacted.. sheesh get a life idiot! You’re only an “actor”! I’ll never get over how some women think this *alien* piece of toothy work is actually hot.. bleh!

  2. btrue2myself

    WTF???? He is soooo WIERD. Why did he get so angry? He looked like he was going to kill the guy! Tom, if you think that all of your big publicity stunts you’ve got going on with Katie is blown because of this, you’re wrong. You blew it when you were hopping and jumping all over the Oprah show.

  3. Trace

    As much as I don’t like Tom Cruise, I think this “prank” was one of the lamest things I ever heard. They probably got the idea off a bunch of 12 year olds.
    I actually give credit to Tom for handling it how he did, because I know that guy would have got a punch in the face from me before the water even hit me.

  4. Brian

    You’d think Tom would be used to getting squirted in the face by long phallic shaped objects…….and it only stings if he gets it in his eyes…..

  5. Ella

    It should have been acid instead of water

  6. Rob

    Its not likely the first time he’s been shot in the face with something ;)

  7. Pogo

    LOL. Take that Tom Cruise.

  8. ilovstud

    Dear Shotie,I am sending you a container of Xanax and Valium.It’s for your own good……Trust me.
    It was just a prank,silly rabbit. Get over it and go to a gay bar and have a drink. That will make you feel better.i promise we’ll not tell anyone.
    Trust me. smooches….. you know who

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