Tom Cruise Sex Scandal in Tell-All Book

September 14th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Every time a porn producer writes a tell-all book, a hooker gets her wings. From

Porn producer Paul Barresi is writing a book, “Pellicano’s Enforcer,” about how he allegedly helped incarcerated former private-eye-to-the-stars Anthony Pellicano protect celebs from negative stories. In one chapter that’s been posted on an Internet site, Barresi tells how someone came to him trying to sell a story about Cruise — similar to the one that Cruise successfully sued porn star Kyle Bradford (a.k.a. Chad Slater) over — and Barresi details how Cruise’s team got the story killed. Barresi neither proves nor disproves the claim, but Cruise, says a well-placed source, “cannot be happy with the story,’ adding, “It’s been a tough time for Cruise and my bet is that his lawyers are going to come out with both guns blazing — legally speaking of course.”

Sounds like this has just been one hell of a year for ol’ Cruisey. And there are still nearly four months left.

Written by Lisa Timmons

By Miu von Furstenberg


    Thats tom’s worst pic. ever, he looks like an old fonzi

  2. hoosierette

    Those VF pics were taken at the end of July. Suri was born at least 2 mos prior to what is officially stated. Suri, in those pics, has to be at least 5 months old per her head/neck control, etc.
    They want us to believe those pics were of a 3-month-old baby. Katie had Suri at least by Feb. and faked her pregnancy until April.
    Katie meets Tom, disappears for two weeks, and they’re *suddenly* in love without so much as even dating.
    Tom bought himself a ready-made family with Katie and Suri, and Chris Klein sold his biological rights to Suri.

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