Tom Cruise Puts Those Gay Rumors To Rest By Attending Celine Dion Show

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

Oh, Tom. Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes attended Celine Dion’s second to last Las Vegas show on Friday night. For real, you’ll sue a gay porn star for claiming to have slept with you but you’ll be seen at the touchstone of gay show? Ok. Tom and Katie allegedly set the crowd afire when they walked in before the show started, and Tom signed autographs. Despite being bizarre as hell, people still love that guy. Especially tourists who try to focus on “Top Gun” and not think about Oprah’s couch or wife auditioning or disappearing baby bumps or the Scientology toxin detox program that leaves herpes on your face. Sources say that Celine’s show is baffling and gay mystical and she really gives it her all what with the effects and the chest-pounding. Tom and Katie met her for a private audience after the show, and Celine was allegedly both excited and nervous to have them in the audience. Nervous because she didn’t want Xenu sucking on her brain! You know this was a recruitment visit!

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Photos: Getty Images