Tom Cruise Puts Sex Life On Hold

January 30th, 2006 // 28 Comments

If you don’t remember, Tom Cruise co-starred with Brooke Shields in Endless Love. Right now it’s anything but endless love with Tom Cruise’s fiance Katie Holmes. Apparently he’s stopped having sex with Katie, because he thinks it’s icky feels it may harm the baby.

“An insider” tells In Touch Weekly that Tom Cruise “has put the brakes on their lovemaking.” It turns out that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard “wrote that a mother-to-be shouldn’t engage in sex because it could negatively impact the baby.”

Ben notes, “Poor Katie’s missing out.” Wouldn’t it be Cruise that was missing out?

More photos of Tom Cruise in Endless Love after the jump.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Sex Life on Hold? [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MJ

    I’ve never seen anything gayer in my life…. I bet he made that movie just so he can have an excuse to wear those little daisy dukes.

  2. gossipwhore

    Is he trying to convince us that he had sex with Katie in the first place???

  3. Fugly Girl

    What negative impact can this possibly have on the baby? Besides the fact that a gay man will be having sex with a female. Tee hee.

    I can’t believe people will actually believe crap like that! More importantly I can’t believe the man who wrote it is dumb enough to believe it! Most doctors will reccommend having sex to start labor if a mother is past her due date. I’m sure L Ron Hubbard’s advice to Tom would be to bust out the turkey baster if she goes more than two weeks past due.

  4. ThrillKill

    A man can safely have sex with a woman up until her water breaks. Now, granted, you should not be partaking in the ‘ruff stuff’, and missionary possition may not be comfortable, but other positions are pretty much fine.

    Tom won’t have sex with Kate because she is lacking a penis.

  5. King Smart Ian

    Unless the baby is in her lower intestine, I don’t see the issue

  6. ThrillKill

    KSI, I love you…uh, but not in a Tom Cruise/Heyden Christianson/Clay Achin’Ass, kinda way.

  7. susiesneds

    I’ve had three children and without having to “overshare” here, it is perfectly safe and sound to have sex until the water breaks.
    Obviously in Tom Cruise’s case, he needs any excuse he can get not to come out of that closet he’s backed himself into!

  8. Katie (not Holmes)

    I think L. Ron also told Tom not to ever have sex with women because it may negatively affect him.

  9. nosexback mountain

    “ewww, katie, you’re gross. i don’t like to kiss girls. ewww. leave me alone”

  10. Grace

    God, he’s so gay.

  11. paleface

    King Smart Ian -
    I almost fell out of my chair laughing. There’s no topping that.

  12. liz

    Two Words……….

    Brokeback Mountain!

  13. Girly Girl

    Tom would need a speculum, a spelunkering hat, and some kind of forcep to ‘negatively impact the baby’ in utero… Lord knows it is never going to happen with his teenie manfriendly weenie.

  14. Fugly Girl

    How come that Madonna flutey sounding song keeps coming into my head as I look at these pictures? I can just picture his pansy ass prancing around like Madonna does in the video.

    And what kind of man wears his nutter shorts above his belly button. Is he purposefully going for the camel toe look? My grandpa doesn’t even wear his pants that high.

  15. liberace's ghost

    Nice shorts. So nice, I need to take my stress test just to come down…..


    it is simply because Ron Hubbard believed that kids can mistake this sex act for sexual abuse later in life. They will have a ‘image’ of the fathers penis in his head and believe that they were abused.

    Not that this is what I believe, just what the Scibots believe.

  17. T.J.

    King Smart Ian ~ I’m embarrassed to admit, it took a little while for me to ‘get’ your post. But when I finally did… It was totally worth the work!

    Girly Girl ~ Have you seen ‘Magnolia’? If it wasn’t a prosthetic Tom was rocking… I understand why Nicole wept when Tom left.

  18. Former Frengi Lover

    If that is true about the “Scibots” , then what happened to Tom? How did his Dad have sex??? Sorry, just got dumped by a Jedi warrior..:(

  19. dosequis

    sadly, i’m old enough to remember when “endless love” was in theaters, and Tom ain’t in it.

    too bad tommy doesn’t want to ride the teeter-totter.

  20. Film Whore

    Dosequis: If you click on and do an extended cast list search for Endless Love, Tom is in it. His name appears way down in credits but he is in it. He’s just not principal cast.

  21. Michael Jackson just called. He says Tom’s a homo.

  22. ProfessorVP

    Tom Cruise putting his sex life with Katie on hold is like Bea Arthur putting her modeling career on hold.

  23. I don’t care a lot that Tom could be or not a gay man. That’s not a problem. But I care about Tom Cruise homophobe’s stances: indeed, going before Courts to get newspapers condemned when they implicate he could be homosexual is considering that it’s an insult. So, it’s homophobic…

    And there is worse: M. Cruise defends a criminal maffia cult called scientology, whose founder Hubbard has been condemned to 4 years unuspended jail in France for Fraud and extortion, and called a criminal before Washington appeal court.
    Scientology is a fraud. No more, no less.

  24. Bravo, ProfessorVP. And thanks for using Bea, and not Elaine Stritch.

  25. Lmirage

    I read that Tom’s first wife, actress Mimi Rogers, said that while they were married Tom wanted to become a monk. She says, “He was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. “He thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument,
    but my instrument needed tuning, and we had to split.” So giving up sex is nothing new to him.

  26. Sam

    Just a side note: L. Ron Hubbard does not believe this stuff, at least he didn’t when he created it. He once said, decades ago, that the easiest and fastest way to get rich is to start a religion. You know, lots of charitable donations and tax breaks. Well, a few years after making that remark, he becomes the founder of Scientology, which I’ll bet is one of the richest “religions” out there. This was simply a case of a man too obsessed with greed to care how his idiocies might affect peoples’ souls. Aside from that, if I had been him, I would have never expected anyone to believe that BS anyway!

  27. Keith

    Tom, You are making a complete dumbass of your self. Dumb, Dummer and dummass.

  28. Leah and Jaimee

    Hey Sexy… haha nice shorts but yeah.. we love you!! guess.. what.. i am (jaimee) am being Katie Holmes for famous people at our school and Leah is being Dakota Fanning you know. her well we both love you and you are awesome we wish we could meet you!:) come visit us sometime in Regina Saskatchewan Canada! BABY great city! come see us.. we love you! by the way if you come dont where bring those shorts lol just kidding they are hot have to admit it haha love yeah bye!
    Love Jaimee and Leah:)

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