Tom Cruise Plans On Eating His Baby’s Placenta

April 18th, 2006 // 40 Comments

It looks like someone has really jumped on the crazy train (this is from the GQ article). Is the placenta better than vitamins?

“I’m gonna eat the placenta, too. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m going to eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

Are you in the mood for some placenta? If so, we have a recipe for placenta stew and placenta topped pizza, after the jump.

(Source: The Sun)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


A friend has sent me recipes from the summer 1983 issue of Mothering magazine for the following mouth-watering dishes: placenta cocktail (1/4 raw placenta, 8 ounces of V-8 juice, 2 ice cubes, 1/2 carrot, blend for 10 seconds at high speed), placenta lasagna, placenta spaghetti sauce, placenta stew, and placenta pizza. The last one will definitely stop conversation at your next Super Bowl party, and since you’re not likely to be able to order it from Domino’s, here’s what you have to do:

“Grind placenta. Saute in 2T olive oil w/4 garlic cloves, then add 1/4 tsp. fennel, 1/4 tsp. pepper, 1/4 tsp. paprika, 1/4 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. onion, minced, 1/2 tsp. oregano, 1/4 tsp. thyme and 1/4 cup wine. Allow to stand 30 min., then use with your favorite homemade pizza recipe. It’s a fine placenta sausage topping!

(Source: The Straight Dope)
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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. libby

    BOYCOTT MI3!!!

  2. libby

    oh, yeah. first too

  3. tia

    Two things :
    1)Thats really odd. I never heard of anyone eating that. That does remind me of his character in Interview with the Vampire LOL. So im glad you put that picture up.
    2) Libby I really liked MI:2 so I plan on seeing MI:3 (he may be a lil off when he isnt acting but as a professional actor i’m all for tom) and whats the big deal about being number 1 ?? Dont you just appreciate being heard ??

  4. pfff!!!!!!!! i don’t believe it!

  5. fuma

    I hope that’s a joke. Placenta is NOT vitamins. And I don’t think sucking on Katie’s after-birth will help his real problem, syphilis. neither will vitamins, gets some meds Tom, asap!

  6. Weird...

    Hey Tom, how about donating the placenta which will be harvested for stem cells for other sick people, huh?

  7. Don’t people make shampoo out of placenta?? I recall hearing that at some point, and I remember being completely grossed out by it… but this just takes it to a whole new level.

  8. maryanne29

    It’s official. Tom Cruise is now as weird as Michael Jackson.

  9. jimmyboyo

    Yes, they use placentas and afterbirth in shampoos and cosmetics

    They also use pee… the ingredients UREA 1 of the most common ingredients in cosmetics, shampoos, etc is Urea. Urea is derived from urine.

    people do eat the placenta….GROSS….HBO had a special once that showed some crazy britts sautaing up their child’s placenta and serving it like pate.

    Supposedly Yoko Ono saved and ate the placenta from her and John Lenon’s kid

    Did tom cruise actuakly say that he would eat the placenta??? I haven’t seen GQ…..I wouldn’t be surprised, but i doubt it

  10. 2 Old 4 This

    Is it possible that he’s confused Placent with Polenta????

    Polenta is yummy.

    Placenta? not so much

  11. tia

    Hey You Guys !! My friend just told me that Tom was on primetive live and made it very clear that he was kidding!! This statement is not included in the magazine. It was only a joke. One more time : Its just a joke!!! One last time : It was only a joke !!! :)

  12. jimmyboyo

    2 old 4 this


    Anyway; other places are reporting this as well

    the sun online,,2-2006170680,00.html

    cites GQ

    I guess it is real

    Cruise= certifiable wacko

    STUFF magazine did a recent poll on who would you least like to spend the night with.

    Cruise beat out Saddam Hussein cruise 41% to Saddams 39% of people would least like to spend the night with.

    So 2% more of pollsters would rather spend night with saddam than cruise


  13. chicago girl

    I cannot believe that people actually fall for these media stunts. Tom made it very clear that he was joking when he said that. He even commented on how his joke will be printed as fact and that “fact” will spread and people will believe it. I guess he was right.

  14. LT

    Tia is right- I saw his Primetime Live interview and he was totally kidding about the placenta thing. It was quite obvious that he made that statement knowing full well it would get a rise out of people. He was poking fun at all of us morons who read about this shit and believe every word we hear. He’s not going to eat the placenta, he didn’t give Katie a pacifier to keep her quiet during labor, and he even said if she wanted an epidural, she would get one.

  15. doofus

    as wacked out as Cruise is, gotta be a joke.

    he KNOWS that people thinks he’s wacko, probably thought it would be funny to play into that, but didn’t realize that he comes off as sounding sincere.

    my prediction for M:I 3? It will open at #1, but will fall off quickly and drastically from there.

    I saw a preview and it looked like it’s a similar story…Ethan gets set up and must prove his innocence, all the while dodging exploding things and speeding cars/boats/planes… can we all say “RETREAD”? plus, during a test screening, the audience CHEERED and applauded when Ethan Hunt gets beaten up really badly.

    I, for one, will NOT pay money to see it. I wouldn’t even see it if someone ELSE paid for it. I can’t even watch his older movies (like Risky Business) that I used to LOVE. When I see him on screen, he just makes me squirm, and not in a good way.

  16. ali2

    Yea I saw the primetime interview when he was joking about this. I really don’t like him but this proves that we should not believe everything we read.

  17. las

    He was joking. But it’s also gross, tasteless, and if my boyfriend said something like that, I would kick him in his babymaking equipment.

  18. Vegas

    MI:3 can’t be anything but bad. How many sequels does an crappy action movie need?
    The most important reason why I am boycotting Tom Cruise is that until we stop allowing him to generate blockbusters he will never shut up. He will continue to harangue and harrass, spout nonsense and do things like get episodes of TV shows he doesn’t like pulled off the air because Hollywood executives are afraid of his “star power.”
    Well, if we stop letting him be a “star.” He wont have that power anymore will he? And then he can lock himself up in some Celebrity Center somewhere and leave the rest of us alone.

  19. Gawky

    Where my dad is from (Franconia, Bavaria, Germany) you bury the placenta in the garden, as a fertility thing, plus the plants dig it, I guess. My youngest sis was born at home and I have pics of myself and our other sister standing next to the placenta in the garden, looking like little placenta farmers. Good times. Yeah, my family is indeed weird, but at least we didn’t EAT it. Geeze.

  20. kobalt

    I’ve eaten placenta, served liver and onions style. What’s the big deal? I thought it would taste much better served in a southern style chicken fried (steak) placenta fingers way, with white cream gravy to dip in. Nutritious and kids love them too. Now that is how you get some people to try placenta.

  21. Jackson

    Why does he have ANY say in whether or not she would have an epidural (if she actually was delivering a baby) ? Legally, medically, what standing does he have to direct her medical care ??????

  22. KT

    Tom believes he really is Lestat! An alien worshipping Lestat. When is the UFO coming for this dude oh higher power Xenu?

  23. Amanda

    Actually in the past, and in other cultures, it is quite common to eat the placenta as it is full of vitamins and minerals (come on, it has to nourish a baby for 9 months!). It is usually only the mother who does, also because it contains various hormones which aid in lactation and the cleansing of the uterus. It is seen as a ritual to celebrate the birth, bond mother and child, and prevent post-natal depression. Lots and lots of other animals do it.

    I think its a really interesting subject.

    I also think Tom Cruise is a nutjob. And those who say he is a good actor…. Have you seen any of his films!?

  24. King Smart Ian

    Times were tough when my daughter was born and money was tight. Thank God for Placenta Helper. I was able to feed a family of 6 for just pennies

  25. libby

    reply to TIA–being first is not a big deal. TC stories always get a lot of comments, so i was just pleased that i logged in at the right time.
    lighten up!!!

    also if you MUST see MI3, at least buy a ticket to different movie that starts around the same time. PLEASE!!! like the other guy said, we have to kill this movie’s box office b/c it’s the only way he’ll shut up.
    “a ‘lil off”??!!!?! where the hell do you live, bedlam?
    the ONLY positive thing that will come out of “his” poor child’s birth is that SCIENTOLOGY has finally come under more public scrutiny. SCIENTOLOGY, imo, is a system where you pay people to brainwash you into giving them more money. over and over again.
    funny how TC and ‘Ravolta claim that SCIENTOLOGY can ‘cure’ homosexuals, but they themselves are notorious homo whores.


  26. libby

    #23, amanda:
    well said.
    tom can only play one guy: testosterone guy. now he can dial that guy up and down, but other than that, nada.
    i WILL admit i’ve never seen him look at the camera or mouth costars’ lines while they speak, sure. so if that makes him “good actor,” so be it.
    TC is confused for a good actor, IMO, because he’s usually only in movies with huge budgets and lots of visual effects—TC keeps the slack-jawed masses happy.

  27. Amanda

    Its not like he’ll get a chance to eat it anyway, because everyone knows that katie has already given birth as she conceived before meeting tom, and they are just carrying on this pretense in order to prove that tom isn’t gay.

  28. libby

    one of my first real dates was a group outing to “top gun” with my high school sweetheart. i was 15.
    we sat behind a guy who, every time a plane took off, landed, fired something, or otherwise moved, he would pump his fist violently in the air and whisper excitedly to his long-suffering date.
    that made top gun very enjoyable and very funny.
    also the homoeroticism did too.

    boycott MI3. please.



  30. rc

    he said he was just kidding in his interview with diane sawyer on primetime

  31. Babybing

    Joking or not, he’s still a douche bag

  32. Hannah

    this quote was from the diane sawyer interview. they left out the rest of it where he said it wasnt true. he was being sarcastic when he said that. not even tom cruise is that weird.

  33. Joxe

    I want to congratulate Tom and Katie. They will sure be great parents. Welcome Suri!! What a beautiful name!

    I am a Catholic but I believe in freedom of thought and respect… for everybody. America is very degraded these days as I see many people making degrading comments on Tom because of his religion. I am free to choose the religion I want and I like to be respected. I am sure YOU also like to be free to have the religion of your choice and you also deserve respect no matter what you decide. Then… what is all of this disrespect, degrading comments and making fun at somebody because of his believes? Isn’t that what a “bully” does?

    On the other hands, most of us don’t even know what Scientology really is. We just read the crap in the media and some people are so stupid that they believe everything they read. Don’t you see the media most often writes and published lies because it creates controversy which helps them sell and make money? Where is this country’s integrity gone?

    I actually feel very curious about Scientology and if I ever want to find out what it really is, I will just pay them a visit or maybe buy and read a book, but I will search for the truth and think for myself. I will never believe what bad intended people write.

  34. Amanda

    I know what scientology is, and I still think he is an idiot. I am really worried about the psychological welfare of this kid.

    Anyway, good luck to her, and katie. Run now! Run!

  35. dims

    Tom cruise is a fuckin scyco retard!!!

  36. Darkness dims

    Why the fuck would you eat a fuckin plasenta!!! My friend mancini told me he heard it on tv and i was like no way then i heard it on hear and im like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  37. mark

    Who jokes about eating a placenta? I don’t care if the statement was made as a “joke”. How could that be considered funny? Plain weird to me. Tom appears to fall deeper into the cult that is known as Scientology. Sad

  38. mark


    Do you have any idea what Scientology is? Its not a religion. You are very incorrect to call it a “religion”. Its not. Read something about it and you’ll be surprised. The correct term would be a cult. It was created by a science fiction writer….please tell me how that can be called a religion. He stated that the easiest way to make alot of money was to start a “religion”. Please explain your thoughts.

  39. madison

    Joxe : That’s what everyone says before they get brainwashed by a cult. I reckon he’s gonna take a knock. He’s gone from being fantasy fodder to dirty old man and he’s only got himself to blame. Whoever’s been handling his PR for the last 15 years (pre the couch jumping episode) deserves a fucking medal! How do you keep that much crazy under wraps?!!!

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