Tom Cruise & Oprah: Reunited & It Feels So Good

May 3rd, 2008 // 5 Comments

Tom Cruise invited Oprah on over to see his house in Telluride, Colorado and “clear the air” since their infamous interview about three years ago, during which Tom professed his love for Katie Holmes and jumped all over the talk show host’s couch.

This time, Oprah sat down on Tom’s couch (not wearing shoes, I might add) and decided to talk to Tom about the “sofa incident,” Tom’s apology to Brooke Shields and his interview with Matt Lauer. Cruise tried to dissect the rumors and also to explain Scientology. Hmm, I have to say that I kind of felt bad for him, but then I also remembered that he’s a really good actor. Also, I love the word “brouhaha.”

After the jump, there’s a video clip of Oprah trying to squeeze into Suri’s playroom under the stairs. It totally reminds me of my old studio apartment in Hollywood, except I bet Suri gets better parking.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. angie

    “but then I also remembered that he’s a really good actor.”

    I didn’t watch the interview, so by the above statement, you must mean he stared alot with a crazed expression and then ran real fast.

  2. angie

    Oh, and laughed maniacally. That’s some good actin’ right there.

  3. hahaha

    oh tom.
    it is too late, buddy. we all see through your bullshit. you can tell he’s been rehearsing this meeting for the last three years and carefully came up with all sorts of pat answers (i.e. about how “kate” answers for herself, and he would never speak for her–what’s with calling her “kate”, then, tommy-boy?). problem is, he was contradicting himself a lot. and you have to love the stupid “santa claus” story. by now, we’ve all figured out the tom cruise’s is always “playing” tom cruise. he probably stages his bowel movements at this point…

  4. nina

    Give me a break this guy is a nut, no amount of PR is going to erase all the weird stuff he’s done in the past. As for Oprah, well what can one say, if she smells good ratings she’ll interview a rock.

  5. Sybill

    She’s as phony as he is… ugh, they make me sick.

    “Wow, that’s so great… isn’t that so great, Oprah? Yes, Tom, that’s so great. Wow, that’s so beautiful… isn’t that so beautiful, Oprah? Yes, Tom, that’s so beautiful.”

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