Tom Cruise Is The ‘Coldest’ Person In Hollywood

Dakota Fanning only came in at number 49? What’s up with that?

In the past, The Frigid 50 has called out show business dignitaries such as Michael Moore, Jack Valenti, Russell Crowe, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Robin Williams for their questionable status, if not complete uselessness, as power players. Yes, it’s just another meaningless list, but we like to think that this one echoes the true thoughts and feelings of real people, rather than the opinion of some editor on high with a passion for brown nosing. This is what everyone really thinks about these same people, many of whom show up every year on these so-called “power lists.”

Following Tom we have Katie Holmes at number two, Brett Ratner at number three, Tom Sizemore at number four, and rounding out the top five is Jennifer Lopez. Congratulations to all of the winners. May you have a long, long life of coldness.

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