Tom Cruise Is Really In Love With Katie Holmes

June 15th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Isn’t it just said that he actually has to come out and state this?

Tom Cruise Tuesday denied rumors his relationship with actress Katie Holmes was just a fabricated publicity stunt.

“I have to laugh. It’s just ridiculous,” Cruise said at the European premiere of the film “War of the Worlds” in Berlin.
“Something magnificent has happened to me and something extraordinary and I’m so happy I can’t restrain myself.”

It’s not really the publicity stunt part that I’m questioning – that’s a given. It’s more a questioning of Tom Cruise dating a person such as Katie Holmes.Apparently Tom loves her so much that he interrupted a meeting to make sure that Katie was delivered cupcakes while shopping at Barney’s New York. Okay.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes is delving deeper into the depths of the Church of Scientology. Even so much as to have a Scientology official accompany her on every step of the Batman Begins press tour.

Warner Bros. international marketing execs have been firing off agitated E-mails expressing severe frustration that the 26-year-old Holmes’ Scientology adviser, a twentysomething brunette identified as Jessica Rodriguez, has been monitoring (and occasionally interrupting) every single press interview when not giving Holmes religious instruction.

“Tom pays Jessica to ‘Keep Katie on the path,’” reports a Lowdown spy. “She goes everywhere with Katie – she’s never more than a quarter-step behind her. When you ask her who she is, she says, ‘I’m Katie’s best friend.’ She’s known her for six weeks!”

Adds the spy: “Warner Bros. is going out of its way to be nice, has been nothing but gracious, and Jessica is very condescending to people around her, and she continues to ask a thousand questions: ‘What time does the plane leave?’ ‘How long is this interview going to take?’

This is just getting more and more creepy. Maybe that’s why Tom chose to “date” an impressionable 26-year-old.

Tom Cruise says love for Katie Holmes is real [Reuters]
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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Whether their relationship is real, or fake, it is quite obvious that both of them are attempting to garner as much publicity off it as is humanly possible. I’d all but forgotten about Katie until SUDDENLY, and not so magically, she was EVERYWHERE. Seriously, she’s been on HOW many magazine covers now? It isn’t a coincidence.

  2. Brian

    I must agree with Tom when he states that “it’s just ridiculous” The first honest thing he has said yet.
    Unfortunately it’s just ridiculous that he actually thinks people believe any of this garbage is real.

  3. Brentwood

    Ok, I never really liked tom cruise and I used
    to think katie holmes was so pretty until I saw her hammer toes in star magazine, and I just died laughing. But, two weeks ago when i first
    started hearing about them I wasn’t really trippin
    but i hear about it everyday and i’m getting tired
    of them. This friday when I was reading entertainment weekly they were talking about tom and they performed a poll and 61% of people who participated said that they liked tom less now since hearing about this stuff I have to agree because he is getting on my nerves.

  4. A Boy and His Dog

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  5. ardavaark

    This is so stupid. Oh ya, do we really expect Tom to admit that this IS in fact a publicity stunt? Of course he’s going to deny it. Tom thinks he’s so smart. He chose a C-List, young, and heart-broken, vulnerable actress (Holmes) so he can mold her into however he likes and brain wash her with the scientology bullshit, while at the same time give himself some publicity, AND to squash the rumours that he’s gay (but never really have to have sex with her since she’s saving herself) – how well-thought out, Tom. WE know what you’re up to. You keep convincing yourself that this is real love. Makes me sick to the stomach.

  6. murphette

    So Tom Cruise has obviously brainwashed her and wants to make sure that no one can deprogram her in his absence, hence the cult member sidekick. And as far as his talent, I’ve always thought he overacted…hmmm…Jerry McGuire??? The only movie I really liked him in was Topgun, and only because he looked really hot w/shirt off and short hair. Now he’s just beyond annoying. He has so overmarketed himself lately that I’d be surprised if War of the World’s does that well.

  7. ilostmyshoe

    How long before Kevin Federline leaves Britney and knocks up Katie after Tom leaves her once his movie tanks.

    There should be several commas in that sentence, but I’m just too damn tired.

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