Tom Cruise Is Not Gay. Got It?

February 14th, 2006 // 15 Comments

And if you insinuate he’s gay, publish anything that may suggest he’s gay, or send him a tube of KY, look for a lawsuit to be coming your way. What has Tom Cruise and his lawyers’ panties in a twist this time? Andrew Morton, who is writing a tell-all book about Mr. Cruise has hired a former gay porn star turned private dick to help him flush out some facts.

Morton, who collaborated with Princess Diana to produce an account of her troubled life, is paying 58-year-old Paul Baressi to help him with his warts-and-all book about Cruise. Baressi has starred in 25 gay porn films but now works as a private investigator in LA.

“I am a key source of information regarding several things,” Baressi said. Baressi claims to have provided Morton with documentation regarding a bizarre episode in which Cruise, 43, was falsely accused of having a homosexual encounter while shooting the film Eyes Wide Shut in the UK.

Yesterday Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields said the actor would sue Morton and New York-based publishers St Martin’s Press if they used the letter he wrote in response to try to cast aspersions on Cruise’s sexuality.

“I wrote a letter to Mr Morton back in November and said he obviously was entitled to write the book but ‘make sure you check your facts’,” Mr Fields said. “If he tries to use my letter to create the impression that Mr Cruise did have a gay affair, we will certainly sue … because the story is false. “Mr Cruise is not gay.”

Mr. Cruise may want to have a chat with Richard Gere and find out how to tastefully handle the gay rumors. Don’t address them.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dr. Tia

    I have never thought Tom Cruise was gay! That gay guy just wants a attention and he is using Tom to do it. So if he does publish that book I hope Tom sues the crap out of him. I’m tired of ppl being so mean to Tom. People criticized him because he jumped on Oprahs counch!!?? SO WHAT !! He is in love !!! I wish ppl would just leave Tom alone. He’s a good guy.

  2. doofus

    hmmm…gee, mr cruise, methinks thou doth protest too much…

  3. La Reina

    Actually, the only people who really know if he is gay or not are his ex-wives, and sex partners. Of course stories about how makes everyone in contact with him sign contracts out the wazoo to seal their lips and his ever constanct suing anyone and everyone who even thinks “gay” kind of gives one the impression that he is really trying to hide something from the world. Personally, I do not care if he is gay or not. It will not make me like him more or less. If he is, he is not the first actor in the closet. He is a good action star but has never appealed to me as a romantic star. He has been acting so squirrely these past year that I have lost any interest in him as an actor in general. I will not be going to MI3, somehow the visual of him jumping on Oprah;s couch etc. is still to fresh on my mind.

  4. Kelsey

    Oh Dr. Tia, you are so full of optimism. It’s wonderful. Too bad Tom is a freakin’ moron! Not cuz he’s gay, cuz he won’t admit it, and is going to ruin an innocent baby’s life because he’s so ashamed. It makes me sick. Sick sick sick.

  5. Anno

    Years ago before all the “Gay Cruise” talk, a friend that worked in the movies said it was widely known in the industry that Cruise was gay and just accepted. He was too profitable as a straight leading man to be outed. And with his loads of cash and litigious nature, who would even attempt to go against him these days? I’m probably being sued before I even post this.

  6. Dr tia i’m completely agree with you. Beside, gay or not, if i want to see is movie i will go. i don’t want to be manipulate by some porn gay actor who needs light!

  7. King Smart Ian

    La Reina:
    Do you really think this is the appropriate website for thoughtful, well-reasoned and articulate postings?

  8. Small Fry

    Who cares if he is gay or not. The fact of the matter is……HE IS A NUT JOB!!!!! If anything he should be denying that he’s a freak, not denying that he’s gay.

  9. PrettyinPink

    He’s right to sue them. If you let people say things about you for too long, it starts being perceived as the truth. People on pop culture tv shows now make fun of him like the gay thing is a fact. They never treated him like that until he went off the deep end though.

    Richard Gere was a much more low key guy, so those rumors are different. And he DIDNT ignore them, he & his wife Cindy Crawford took out a full page ad to say they were straight.

  10. doofus

    to add…

    he’s NOT such a good guy. (missed that interview with Matt Lauer?…) jumping on the couch is the LEAST of the reasons that people don’t like him.

    he acts like he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, when in fact, all he knows about is the movies. he does NOT know more than psychiatrists know about psychiatry. he does NOT know more about child birth and post-partum depression than a woman who’s been through it does. it’s the arrogance that people dislike…his idea that he knows what’s good for everyone, better than they do.

    and just the absolute PHONINESS of this whole “relationship”. it reeks of orchestration. They’re “so in love” but they can’t remember how they met? and mr. privacy, mr. “don’t print anything about me or I’ll sue”, mr. “sign this confidentiality agreement before you even look at me”…is now telling EVERYONE about everything that goes on between them?

    it just doesn’t make sense. and, as Judge Judy says, when something doesn’t make sense, it usually means it’s not true.

  11. hellbent

    He’s probably bi like Cary Grant was, except that Grant actually was a good actor and not as nutso.

  12. hg

    Didn’t he threaten to sue the guys from South Park if they ran the show that made fun of him and him being in the closet. seems someone needs to get a sense of humor. What a nut job. What happened to the Tom that was in Risky Business.

  13. Caz

    I personally think he is gay as usually there’s no smoke without fire. I think the whole reason he has never come out is because Hollywood generally is so anti gay plus he makes too much money as a bankable action star (not that I watch his films).

    Anyway let’s move on, we’re only justifying his existence by talking about it so much lol.

  14. ShoeSlut

    Small Fry — couldn’t have said it better myself! And as an aside, I forgot how upset I was at seeing Tom chatting with Matt and losing his marbles during his interview, until I saw the picture of them above this post. What a nut job, indeed!

  15. adoptive

    It’s quite obvious how Tom Cruise shows his love for his biological child, Suri, differently than his adoptive children. I feel sorry for his adoptive children. They must feel in some degrees that Tom is going bonkers over his baby girl as he shoves the pregnancy down our throats for so long. He wasn’t that bonkers when he adopted his children, let alone talk about them. I think he adopted them for Nicole’s sakes since she couldn’t have a child. I just feel sorry the most for his adoptive children. Guaranteed, they WILL feel as if they’re not enough as Tom prances Suri before her birth. Adoptive people ourselves. I hope the media picks up on this and beat him down about the adoptive children issues and his difference of his love for them all. I just cannot believe this isn’t picked up before now.

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