Tom Cruise Goes Off The Deep End

May 24th, 2005 // 31 Comments

Thank God for Tivo (images via Defamer), so I could watch the freak show that was the Tom Cruise episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Seriously the man is deranged. “I admire her and I thought I wanted to meet her — so I called her.” Is there something about Katie Holmes that we just don’t know about? It’s all so over the top, that the “relationship” rings totally false.

“I can’t be cool. I can’t be laid-back,” an exuberant Cruise said Monday during a taped appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” “Something happened and I want to celebrate it.”

A starry-eyed Cruise got down on his knees and repeatedly jumped up on the couch like a Robin Williams comedy act, saying that his love for Holmes was “beyond cool.”

Plus, the rumor that Tom was after Kate Bosworth, who did not care to be Tom’s arm candy, is slightly disturbing. Mr. Cruise also tends to give the most ridiculous quotes regarding women as well.

Tom, for his part, tells the next Reader’s Digest that the ladies just drive him ker-azy.

“They smell good. They look pretty. I love women. I do.”

Oh Tom, you had me at “they smell good.”

And we still have that whole damn Scientology thing going on. Tom the healer, is quoted as saying that Brooke Shields was misguided when she took the anti-depressant Paxil to fight her depression after giving birth to her daughter.

Cruise, who zealously preaches the Church of Scientology’s hatred of all mind-altering drugs, tells Bush (Billy Bush of Access Hollywood): “Here is a woman, and I care about Brooke Shields because I think she is an incredibly talented woman. You look at, where has her career gone?”

“These drugs are dangerous. I have actually helped people come off,” Cruise maintains to Bush. “When you talk about postpartum, you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that. You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things.”

What did Brooke Shields do to Tom Cruise. Refuse to be arm candy at one time? Apparently, Tom is now a noted scientist as well. Flintstone’s chewables for everyone.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. belou

    this is sooo lame, Tom cruise really has lost his mind, Katie Homes is cute and all but damn, this seems so staged and phony it makes me sick. Tom cruise is BUNK!

  2. Ella

    GROSS ME OUT. I want to puke up my breakfast now

  3. sillymiss

    WTF???? Tom Cruise has gone freaking nuts. Good luck, Nicole explaining this idiotic behavior to the kids while trying to make Tom NOT look like an a-hole.

  4. bb

    since when do famous people freak out about how much they love someone on national tv? if anything they would try to keep it secret.

    if Tom is not gay and this is just a PR exercise to keep rumours from surfacing that he is truly gay (since he must be seen to be in a heterosexual relationship at all times to keep the midwesterners flocking to his films) then this is the worst public display of affectation that I have ever seen.

  5. Linda

    I watched him on Oprah, and it seems to me that at 42, he is just ecstatic to have a 26 year old woman interested in him!

  6. sashay

    I don’t buy this for a minute. Seems a little overzealous to me. Maybe he’s just excited that he found another willing beard.

  7. Rob

    The only person he’s covinced of his heterosexuality is himself…this is so obvious it doesnt even deserve mention….come out come out wherever u are Tom!

  8. tia


  9. I watched it yesterday and the whole thing with “Kate” seems so fake. He had to sit there for 10 minutes before he could even think of a way to say he met her. Actually, pretty much everything he said sounds idiotic. When the woman from the audience asked what he tells his kids about the opposite sex and dating he said that he tells them to preserve their personal integrity.
    His kids are 12 and 10. My son is 11 and if I told him to preserve his own personal integrity, he’d look at me, laugh and go back to playing his Gameboy.

  10. reesha

    hmmm, i would kill to have a man that ga-ga over me. why is katie holmes the lucky wench? there’s definitely something fishy about this. i’ve NEVER seen a man (hollywood or real life) jump up on a couch and act like he was high on crack in order to define his love like that. i’ve heard of shouting it from the rooftops…but come ON!

    meanwhile, i REFUSE to believe that Thomas Mapother iv is gay…(naieve sigh)

  11. Brie

    Tom finally found a woman in Hollywood who is a virgin and is willing to be a scientologist.


  12. As much as Tom’s actions strike me as intensely phoney given the fact their ‘relationship’ is so new and celebrities USUALLY don’t use their relationships to promote up-coming films, I actually think he’s probably convincing his target-audience. Middle-America, especially the mom’s that love him, probably found the entire thing quite sweet instead of seeing through the bullshit for what it is. Obnoxious.

  13. Barbara Harris

    I watched and thought it sad. There is no man who would act that way to convince people he is in love. I mean what convincing is there to do when you are in love, it precedes you in all that you do. The kiss they gave each other I perceived as not real or heartfelt. At this point all I feel is sadness that the almighty dollar is so much more important- to someone who already has sooo much- than just being his authentic self. What does this Scientology teach anyway? OMG seeing the slow mo of him jumping on and off the couch is just laughable. I’ll never see a TC movie the same way.

  14. ap

    he has lost his mind; i really, really do not understand.
    i just keep thinking…… what a f***ing dork.

  15. charlotte

    Good Lord, what is WRONG with him?

    If Katie Holmes thought she was getting a deal out of this whole sham with Tom Cruise, well, I think she made a big mistake! Not only am I already getting sick of her, Tom’s bizarre behaviour is probably going to ruin her!!

    We can all see right through them! I hate it when celebs think we’d buy ANYTHING!

  16. DieTomDie


  17. casey

    what an effing fruit loop. The dude has flipped his damn wig. And Oprah was eating it up. I wish Barbara Walters would interview him that way b/c she would be like, what the hell is wrong with you. He crossed that celebrity threshold where they become non humans anymore. Like when someone takes that last hit of acid that finally changes the entire wiring of their brains. He is weird weird weird!!! And Katie Holmes, please. She is a dope dope dope. I don’t care if he was cute in top gun, he is a wack job now!!

  18. lizzie

    Just look at the picture of them together, she actually looks frightened.

  19. ?

    I agree she does look like WTF is really going on here? I thought that as soon as I saw the close up.

  20. reesha

    it’s sort of like the high school stories you used to hear about: a girl goes up to some guy and says “i was joking around with my friends and told them you were my boyfriend. if i give you some money would you pretend to be??? you’ll just have to kiss me and pretend we’re ‘in love’, especially on OPRAH, but it’s only until our next movies come out, and then we can dump each other quietly in the press thru our publicists…”

  21. jobe

    Fess up c’mon

  22. RGal

    Watching that episode of Oprah was hard and sickening. Jumping on couches?! Come on now! He was hopping around like he was on some kind of drug high. I don’t think Katie likes all this overly “Love” thing Tom is doing. She always seems like she’s saying’ “Ok. WTF is going on here, Tom?!”

    I don’t think they will last and Tom is only making them both look like idiots.

    No girl wants a guy who is overly obsessed with them. That’s entering PSYCHO LAND!

  23. medea

    I saw the show and I was concerned that he was on speed, or meth.He may be in love with the idea of Katie Holmes, because she is beautiful.
    It is the same love that Will has for Grace,or Al has for Starzilla Jones.

    Well, he’s not having sex with her!

    UH OH.

  24. Marcus

    Doesn’t Katie have any friends to stage an intervention? They have to see what’s going on here.

    In and of itself, on the Oprah episode, he just seems like he’s lost it (or is incredibly over-acting).

    But, when you add in the comments on Access Hollywood about “caring about all of us”, disparaging Brooke Shields, and minimizing PPD (I can remember at least two PPD suicides in my city in recent memory), I think the guy is close to a full-fledged break-down.

    Maybe that could be the best thing for him.

  25. Shazam

    I suspect Tom Cruise has found a way through Scientology to repress his homosexual urges, or somebody would have proof by now. Everything he does (including his marriages) is designed to persuade the public that he is straight. Otherwise his career would be ruined.

  26. Cami

    I am just horrified by the actions of this silly old man Tom Cruise, his antics actually make me squirm with discomfort. I absolutely refuse to go to “War of the Worlds” – well at least the first weekend.

  27. john lark

    He’s a major dick wadd!!

  28. Theresa

    Tom is amazing to express his feelings in public. It is wrong for the public to critize him for what most people are unable to do; express their feelings for another in public. Congratulations Tom for being better than the average person. Thank you for being different, better than others and being honest.

    How pathetic for that unkown jerk to splash water at you. Thank goodness he was arrested and hopefully, be made to pay you money for his devious, childish, jealous behaviour.

  29. Paul Tompkins

    Scientology condemms Psychology. Why ?

    Perhaps it is because they are very familiar with the techniques used. My wife is a pHD.She has explained the methods used.Ill just say Hubbard himself was a trained hypnotist who’s 2 battery “truth meter” was outlawed by the FDA. How do get arounf that? and not pay taxes to boot ? Become a Religion.
    Scientology and Tom Cruise- no wonder

  30. Tim

    I went to High School briefly with Tom Mapother (Cruise) in 1979-1980 at Glen Ridge High School. We were both in the same history class with Dr. Voskian as our teacher. He struck me as as a kind of good looking phony even then. He often used his flashy smile to cover up his lack of preparation. He seldom had a correct answer in class, but he sure knew how to charm that teacher. The teacher happened to be the soccer coach as well. Guess who was on the team. He never really finished High School properly, and prior to arriving at Glen Ridge High his family had moved a few times. His education suffered for it. I believe he and his family had a number of “broken family” problems which left Tom and his siblings rather behind in many areas of their development. He never went on to College. He had a great smile but a rather confused and empty mind. I guess he was bare ground for the actor nut cases who seem to have convinced him that Scientology is a religion and that he should believe it. Only in America can someone like little dumb Tommy Mapother get so much air time. It is strange.

  31. mazy

    I never watch Oprah because I work during the day. It just so happened I was off that day and thought I would turn it on. I know she has had a keen eye for this man because we have heard it many times before from her. When I watched it I couldn’t believe that this man was behaving this way, then I couldn’t believe this was the man that she has spoke so highly about. Well like most of the other comments…….I turned both of them off! If comedy is what I am going to watch I may as well turn on that 70′s Show.

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