Tom Cruise Give Katie Holmes The Gift Of Fashion

January 17th, 2006 // 25 Comments

It’s good to see Tom in the bribing giving mood.

Tom Cruise has presented Katie Holmes with £75,000 worth of designer dresses. The 43-year-old actor choose six frocks from her favourite designers Gucci, Versace, John Galliano, Dolce and Gabbana and Ben De Lisi.

A source told Grazia magazine, that Cruise wanted to show Katie how beautiful he thinks she looks during in her final months of pregnancy so he asked the designers to come up with ‘ something beautiful to keep her sexy.’ The source added:” He loves her changing shape her baby bump grows and thinks she should accentuate it.”

Holmes is due to give birth to their first baby together next month.

No word on if Tom tried on the dresses prior to giving them to Katie.

More of Tom and Katie after the jump.

Tom Cruise £75,000 Fashion Gift [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    I think he should give himself the gift of a muzzle.

  2. Ang

    He is the scariest most possessive guy i have ever heard of! he buys her clothes, he chooses her friends and her bridesmaids (read it in one of the tabloids), hes nuts!!!!

  3. kitkatwoman

    she isnt preggo, end of story, I have been pregnant 3 times, ONE was a semi thin pregnancy, 1 regular and 1 ROTUND pregnancy, i KNOW ALL THE pregnancy stomachs and she does not have one for being SO FAR ALONG

  4. KittyLiterati

    There’s no way Katie is giving birth next month. Ten bucks says that someone’s being paid to stay quiet about an impending adoption–call that a “silent birth.”

  5. KittyLiterati

    And furthermore, why does her bump keep changing sizes in every set of photos?

  6. lisa

    This man is crazy, no?

    Any fool can tell you in the last month of pregnancy, the last thing you want to do is prance around in designer outfits….COMFORT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME.

    “Something beautiful to keep her sexy”? The thing that can keep her feeling sexy is his love and attention during these times (and after).

  7. Katie

    They’ll have to try this one someone else. I’m just not buying. And if she’s doing this for her career, she’s nuts. Her career is finished. Everyone thinks she’s an idiot now.

  8. susiegrl

    I have had 3 boys and was of average weight for a gal 5’5 and I was GI-NORMOUS by bthe eighth month….she sure does “carry” well.

  9. Zardok

    He wants to keep her in the public eye to get maximum mileage out of the “homos don’t get women pregnant” story line

  10. starla

    In my opinion, I think that he was about to be exposed for the queen that he is, so he grabbed the first girl he could(did she not try out for MI 3?), blitzed the media with pictures and stories to make him look totally hetero.

    Also, my first pregnancy, I stayed pretty small til about my eight month, then I ballooned up. I agree with the adoption angle.

  11. Cheesy

    Could Tom Cruise be any further off the deep end? Is Katie Holmes such a career slut that she’s willing to sell her soul to the devil himself, and curse some child to a life of Cruise?

    Man. She’s come a long way, baby. In the wrong direction.

    I was thinking this morning, in the shower–cuz that’s where I do all my good thinking–I wonder, that big giant raging case of lip fungus that she sported right after she started allegedly dating Tom, anyone else think that breakout might have been a not-so-abnormal reaction to fertility drugs prepping for IVF?

  12. Maezeppa

    43 my dyin’ ass. Tom Cruise is 50.

  13. Claire

    When is this girl gonna wake up and smell the coffee? She should run for the hills now before she has the baby. He only sees her as one big incubator and once she has that baby he’ll lose interest in her!!
    He makes my skin crawl!!

  14. moss

    Cheesy, do fertility drugs do that to people? I thought she just had regular lip herpes. Nicole Kidman has lip herpes too (there’s a scene in Cold Mountain where they are CLEARLY visible underneath her thick makeup).

    As for Katie, NO WAY is she 8 months pregnant. PUH LEEZE.

  15. DevzAngel

    Starla said: In my opinion, I think that he was about to be exposed for the queen that he is so he grabbed the first girl he could…blitzed the media with pictures and stories to make him look totally hetero.

    Oooh, you better watch out or he might file a slander suit against you – not that I disagree with your conclusions, you understand!

  16. Ket

    I was pregnant twice before, but my first belly was sooo small. No one even knew that i was pregnant until i was on the 5th month.Every woman is different. I am surprised she’s due next month. WOw already!

  17. Rory

    I’m going to play the devil’s advocate, if she is due next month, it’s possible that the disappearing belly can be due to the baby dropping. Since she is so small anyways, it could look like she has a major bump until the baby dropped, possibly around her 34th week. Then the baby changes shape as it moves around. Most of her bump could be around her lower stomache, where clothes would cover it more. Who knows?

  18. CareKate

    Does anyone else remember hearing this, or am I the only one with an incredible photographical memory for irrelevant celebrity trivia?!

    I could have sworn that I heard or read somewhere many, many years ago that the main reason that Tom Cruise’s marriage to Mimi Rodgers busted up was because he could not biologically father children!

    Obviously I have no way of knowing whether or not this is true, but if you look at the fact that Tom and Nicole adopted the only two kids that were considered fruits of their marriage, it starts to make a little bit of sense.

    It sounds even more likely if you subscribe to the school of thought that stated the reason that Tom and Nicole broke up was because she became pregnant. The second that I heard that rumor about the reason their marriage ended, I immediately remembered that useless piece of celeb trivia that I had filed away in my memory bank long ago – to be trotted out at an appropriate time in the future – thought, “OMG! He can’t have kids so if she’s preggers then she cheated on him!!”

    Fast forward a couple of years to September (??) 2005 when a freakishly scary Tom Cruise – whose star has begun to tarnish and who has lost all credibility after bouncing on Oprah’s couch like a kingergartener in need of a Ritalin-fix and then during an appearance on the Today show to promote his summer blockbuster but which denirated into a verbal attack on all new mothers suffering from post-partum depression who sought medical intervention following homicidal and suicidal thoughts about harming themselves and/or their babies and for more or less claiming that there is no such thing as mental illness, after which Steven Spielberg’s people had to go into damage control mode to try and distance their film from the eccentric views of its star -announces that he is expecting his first biological child with the young C-list actress best known for her role as the wholesome “Joey” on the wildly, yet inexplicably, popular Gen-X nighttime soap opera “Dawson’s Creek.”

    If, in fact, my hazy recollection about this particular Cruise missile being armed with blanks, how on earth did he manage to impregnate poor Katie? You know, I’ve found the remarks from other posters on previous TomKat stories to be highly amusing, especially the ones about Tom and his turkey baster or this being a real-life enactment of “Rosemary’s Baby,” but now I can’t help but wonder if there might not be a kernel of truth in those sarcastic suppositions, afterall…?

    Moving along to more things more mundane and prosaic:

    I’m sure this topic has already been covered here, so please forgive me if I am being redundant, but am I the only one who thinks that excessive usage of an ultrasound/sonogram fetal monitor might put the unborn child at risk?

    For Katies’ sake, let’s hope the poor dear doesn’t suffer from a severe case of “baby blues” once she has whelped Tom’s evil spawn because the only sympathy and advice she will receive from the father of her freakish little bundle is that she should pop a couple of vitamins and take a walk….

    In closing, I can only echo the advice offered to Katie from numerous prior posters: Run, Katie. Run as far and as fast as you can!

    Whatcha wanna bet that when this relationship goes south, that Tom will either file for full custody of his child with Katie, or else that he will produce some sort of prenatal/prenuptial agreement in which she will have signed away all of her rights to the child a lá Michael Jackson’s agreement with Debbie Rowe…? If Katie doesn’t toe the line and become a dutiful Scientologist wife, she’ll probably never see her baby again!

    Seriously, though, does anyone else ever remember hearing the rumor that Tom Cruise was sterile?

  19. Cheesy

    To answer the question about the fertility drugs, yeah–they pump you so full of hormones, facial and body acne and other various breakouts are not uncommon side-effects.

    Doing the match, ol’ Katie would have been on the juice around then to start getting the bod ready.

  20. Green Eyed Angel

    Breath, honey, breath.
    However, that was amazing!

  21. Green Eyed Angel

    My question is, why is he buying her designer clothes now? She’s looked like absolute sh*t the past 8 months. And didn’t he say one of his “commandments” were that she shall not need to look sexy during her pregnancy?

  22. loonytick

    Assuming he’s actually hetero and into her at least a little and she’s really pregnant…

    (a) it’s pretty clear from the clothes she’s chosen all this time that she’s not the type who enjoys “accentuating her belly.” So he’s buying her a buttload of designer clothes that are soooo not her style, despite the designers, and because the whole world knows about it, he’s got her in a position where she can’t get away with not wearing them.

    (b) he wants her to feel sexy=she’s not in the mood enough for him and he’s desparate for some third trimester nookie.

    My estimation of this relationship is changing over time. I think he’s kind of interested in her for real, in a dirty old man kind of way, and that he’s made a deal with her to have this relationship where he gets his kicks, gets to shed the rumors (ha!), and she gets the publicity. So, still a sham of sorts, but with one of the players actually having some physical interest in the other. And, yes, he’s using his upper hand in the creepiest, most manipulative of ways because he’s got her over a barrel.

    This is just SAD.

  23. Fabiola

    Mmmmmm, their unveiling as a couple was April 27, 2005. If she’s giving birth next month, that means she became pregnant in May of 2005. You do the math…interesting…

  24. talk2me

    Can a pregnant woman really wear a belt? Maybe the belt is what holds her fake belly up. Or maybe the belt is a scret contraption so Tom can keep track of her. We don’t want her walking off a climb. Tom needs to be there to hold her hand you know.

  25. candace

    I find you all funny, I was pregnant and i ganied an anormous amount of weight, and you see all pregnancies are different, my cousin tara didnt gain any weight at all, she only had a little baby bumb when she deliverd her baby,she only looked like she was 4-5 months pregnant, it really depends on how your body works. and i honestly doubt that if she wanted to adobt a baby she would’ve done it already and told everyone…come back to reality you all!!!!

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