Tom Cruise Gives Katie Holmes The Gift Of Himself

January 17th, 2006 // 25 Comments

The diminutive actor is so full of himself that he found it fit to give his pregnant fiancee his entire celluloid history on DVD. This way Katie can cherish every moment of Days of Thunder and Far and Away over and over.

Tom Cruise has given his pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes a unique 27th birthday present – a DVD compendium of every movie he has acted in.

The War Of The Worlds star, 43, decided there was no better gift for his wife-to-be than a full history of his long and fruitful career.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, “Each was inscribed with a special handwritten love message to the future mother of his child.”

I bet he didn’t include All The Right Moves.

Cruise Creates Own DVD Collection For Holmes [Contact Music]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. 99wtfu

    “Each was inscribed with a special handwritten love message to his child”

    His captive Katie looks all of 12 in those photos.

  2. Geri

    I think control freak and narrcissism go hand in hand with TC.

  3. Brian

    There goes my breakfast………….

  4. lena

    Yea, that and a shopping trip to a children’s toy store us just what every 27 year old woman wants for her birthday. Her life must be so boring!

  5. nobody

    She’s 5’9″ and he’s 5’7″ (maybe). So what parallel universe are they living in? He’s shorter and yet taller at the same time?? Oy, I need a nap.

  6. Belle

    Ok, I have tried giving them the benefit of the doubt but they are seriously sickening. He is a f*cking freak! He is taller than her sometimes because he wears shoes with special heels that add height (hence the long jeans to hide them?). Is she even really pregnant? Her belly goes up and down every time I see pics of these two. She is a moron for letting him control her. I don’t care how much $ she will get for this, she looks like an a$$hole.

  7. tahlullah

    Someone really needs to intervene–that fringe she’s sporting might be a cry for help.

  8. ShoeSlut

    Man, he is all sorts of crazy, isn’t he? I heard that he asked Jada Pinkett-Smith to be Katie’s bridesmaid… I dunno if this is actually true or not but considering how controlling and weird he is, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he did. All I can say is run fast, run hard and don’t look back, Katie!

  9. doofus

    oh lordy…

    99wtfu…I thought the same thing…she looks like a child in those pics.

    and to “nobody” and belle…I don’t get that either. She’s more than 5’9″, and he’s BARELY 5’5″. so how they can appear to be the same size AND have it appear that HE’S taller IN THE SAME SET OF PICTURES is beyond me. they must carry around a box for him to stand on.

    they are creepy beyond belief. I hope she comes to her senses, dumps him and takes her life back.

  10. lisa

    The more I hear about this couple, the more I shake my head. This is the weirdest couple…from the jumping on the couch, to the birthday party at FAO Schwartz (sp), now this….too weird.

    I just want to pull Katie aside and say “Run, Katie, Run!…Run for your Life!”

  11. Rocky

    Your link to “All the Right Moves” brought up some incredibly nasty adware (Zena) that you might want to be aware of. Took me two hours to clean that sumbitch off the computer.

  12. hellbent

    It’s “Rosemary’s Baby” come to life, except it’s scientologists who want the kiddo. That girl is brainwashed.

  13. Fugly Girl

    What an a-hole! What kind of ego freak gives a DVD of their filmography to their significant other for her birthday! Next he’ll be giving her glamour shots of himself. Bleh! He makes me ill.

  14. Katie

    Can you imagine taking this whole sham this far just for a bunch of strangers?

    BTW, I just saw War of The Worlds and it was AWFUL. His acting stinks. He thinks he’s so great that all he has to do now is show up.

  15. DevzAngel

    Doofus said: They must carry around a box for him to stand on.

    Don’t laugh – I heard somewhere that some of the more insecure Hollywood men do exactly that!

  16. 2 Old 4 This

    ‘com now – I think it’s a great gift.

    Watching all his old flicks will help her through her post-pardum depression.
    Especially the love scene w/Rebecca De Mornay, his love scene w/Kelly McGillis, his love scenes w/Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz……and so on.

    That oughta perk her right up!

  17. Cynthia

    This a-hole has the huge nose to go right along with the huge ego! YIKES!
    Box to stand on….sumbitch…..hehe! I am sooo glad the signing in thing is gone and I can again enjoy all the great comments!

  18. Kazu

    Did the gift include the xrays of his brain?

  19. Kazu

    Oh yes, and I bet he is VERY SATISFIED with his gift!

  20. JustAChick

    Maybe the videos are to be used as a sedative, to replace the drugs she won’t be allowed to have during delivery.

  21. micky

    Poor Katie!! I use to be a Cruise fan until His head got to big for his britches. I’d like to see him have a baby without drugs – what if its a cesarean? i guess bye bye Katie.

  22. Penny

    Okay, first of all, she obviously loves the spotlight. How else can you explain a “public kiddnapping” victim who goes around smiling like that, praising her captor like he is some kind of miracle. This goes to show you that when famous people become “too famous” they loose their minds. They actually believe they are above the rest of us. How big can his ego get? I bet Nicole Kidman is thanking her lucky stars every single day for escaping!!!

  23. rich

    Freak is the only word that comes to mind..but I can’t say which one it the bigger of the two..

  24. Amy

    Ummm…I wonder if he gave her the movie Eyes Wide Shut, because I doubt she’ll want to watch all those love scenes with his ex-wife. Wow

  25. Jane

    Yes people finally agreeing with me! I really actally beleave that Katie is pregnant, I mean what ever happened to her “Her not having sex untill she was married.” No wonder her dad is so pissed she is going out with a socialpath(sp?).

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