Tom Cruise Gets A Lift

May 8th, 2006 // 38 Comments

We all know that Tom Cruise is short. He’s 5 feet, 7 inches tall and his wife-to-be, Katie Holmes, is between 5-feet-8 and 5-feet-9. So how was is that Tom Cruise was able to make direct eye contact at the L.A. opening of M:I3, while Katie was wearing heels?

So how is it that Tom could stand with her eye to eye, when he should have been staring at her chin?

The most plausible answer appears to be lifts — which, when built inside the heel of a standard dress shoe, can easily add inches.

After viewing photos of TomKat at the L.A. opening, where their knees were at the same level and Cruise’s trousers were pooling around his ankles, Manhattan podiatrist Rock Positano said: “If the pants are all the way down to the ankle, you really can’t see how much heel the person has.

“There’s a lot of ways you can camouflage lifts,” said Positano. “Occasionally we will see people who put lifts in their shoes for height, but we don’t do it and we don’t recommend it. Someone could hurt their knees or throw their backs out.”

Tom will be showing off his softer side this coming Mother’s Day. He has reportedly purchased $900 worth of pink peonies in a Limoges vase,” a source tells the Scoop. “He had the card signed, ‘Dear Mommy, Happy first Mother’s Day. Lots of Love, Suri and Daddy.” How cute.

To tidy up a few Tom Cruise loose ends:

- What ever happened to the “The Baby is Xenu’s” banner?
- Tom Cruise’s name is prime for puns.
- You don’t need to change your movie-going behavior. See MI3 if that’s what you want to do… just don’t buy tickets for it!

More images of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes taking a stroll, after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mindy

    very interesting.. That Tom.. knows all the tricks

  2. Cathy

    Poor Katie…she looks beyond exhausted and did anyone notice that the poor girl’s nursing bra is exposed? ….wheres her stylist?

  3. JustMe

    Why do they always look so retarted? And why is her breast feeding bra sticking out?

  4. mili

    What I don’t understand is why that exposed nursing bra is hanging open like that. You open it to nurse, but you don’t leave it open after the fact . . . especially at this stage in the game when you need it to hold the absorbancy pads in place or risk a breast-milk soaked shirt.

    It is very strange.

  5. kendall

    Very strange. She does not look healthy at all. Nice shot of her nursing bra, too. Maybe it’s not even Katie, maybe it’s a look-a-like who’s sickly AND the same height as Tom – that explains it.

  6. Becks

    There is NO way Tom’s “People” would let Kate’s bra stick out like that. I think this photo was taken on purpose with her bra hanging out like that, just to prove to us that she really did have a baby…I still don’t believe it though.

  7. gOssiP

    Becks I was just going to say the same thing!!! That was definitely staged, T.C. is still trying to “prove” something. Just like I think he chunked her up for the premiere so people believed she had the baby.

    Katie definitely looks miserable and like death. Scientology is killing her. Maybe that’s how T.C. will get rid of her and get Suri. Who knows with this freak of nature.

    Oh and p.s. anyone else hear that MI3 didn’t live up to opening night quota??? hehehehe….

  8. Kelsey

    Yeah it made 10 mil less than MI2…hahahaha sucka. That’s what you get for being a horrible and weird person Tom!! Good riddence!

  9. blondEE

    ok so it’s time to free katie from this looney toon!

    i seriously would like to know where her parents are. tom has def done something to them.

  10. fifth_miracle

    I guess the exposed nursing bra and “lift” thing is part and parcel of Scientology…OMG!!! Did you see her eyes…she looks so vacant…poor thing…I can see it now, the new movie for TomKaT….Mission Impossible: IV, SAVE KATIE!!!

  11. Lisa

    I remember my nursing bra to have a flap that would snap at the top and open to allow the baby to nurse. But this one looks like the flap is down? Why would she not snap it? Everyone who has ever nursed before knows that if you went braless, you would get those not so attractive “rings” from leakage.

    I just don’t understand what is going on here. If someone has some insight, please explain what would poseess her to do this?

  12. maryanne29

    Well, the movie didn’t do as well as expected so I guess it’s time to trot out the alleged baby this week to boost the box office.

    Cruise is such a poser. For a control freak like Cruise, you know the nursing bra slip was choreographed.

    Katie looks like someone who is counting the days (as am I) til this facade is over and she can collect on her end of the bargain.

    Like Dr. Phil says, when you marry for money, you earn every cent. Except if you’re Kevin Federline.

  13. doofus

    man, he AIN’T EVEN 5’7″.

    I watched “the color of money” last night, and he appeared to be SHORTER than Paul Newman in most shots, and I KNOW that Newman is a little guy.

    the guy SO obviously wears lifts.

    and I agree with you guys…Katie is either 1) COMPLETELY exhausted from all of this or 2) completely brainwashed – the vacant eyes are scary. her smile never really reaches beyond her mouth – the rest of her face looks dead. and the way he’s tugging/pulling at her – it totally looks like he leads her around.

    and a couple of pieces of fasion advice…yeah, the nursing bra thing is weird…most women try to HIDE that, not show it off. And why it’s “open” is also very strange. the other thing I’d suggest to Katie is DO NOT WEAR PEGGED JEANS WHEN YOUR HIPS ARE AT THEIR MAX WIDTH.

    regarding the take for M:I III this weekend…although it did OK if you look at the numbers by themselves, it DID NOT do OK according to expectations (from the studio) or by comparison to his other movies. Took in less than M:I 2, as someone pointed out, and (snicker!) LESS THAN “war of the worlds” did on it’s opening weekend. And it also doesn’t take into consideration that ticket prices are now HIGHER, so it was actually fewer tickets sold. I hope that, after the opener, the ticket sales only go DOWN. I am SO sick of this fabricating freak.

  14. leslie

    looks like Tom was being breastfed in the car (lol)

  15. Green Eyed Angell

    The alien cacoon is in the final stages of sucking the life force from her as it prepares to begin to metamorphasis and battle the thethans planning to conquer the earth!!

  16. Kris

    Tom evidently feels the need to drag her around like a dog…the least he could do is get that girl a diamond studded collar and leash, for cryin’ out loud. I hear he bought her flowers for Mother’s How UNoriginal of our Tomboy but then he’s probably already tired of the new baby although he did say he stares at her for ‘hours’.
    yah sure, Tom,,,,from afar, like from across the ocean whilst promoting your REAL baby, MI.

  17. celebrity detective

    I really think this whole entire charade is beyond bizarre, and I really hope Katie comes out at some point with a tell-all book. No one in their right mind would wear that bra open under a silk camisole while nursing…water stains on silk are bad enough, potential milk stains while the paparazzi are nearby? Total fakeout. How are there still people who believe this?!

  18. las

    A woman wearing a nursing bra does not have it seen unless either she is feeding the baby, or she WANTS people to see it.

    It screams that he’s trying to convince the public again. “Look at me! I am wearing a nursing bra, for the baby I conceived in heterosexual sex with the very heterosexual and virile Tom Cruise!”

  19. Eric

    Not that I’m defending Tom Katt, cuz I think he’s a freak…and not in a good way!
    BUT, to be fair Mission II opened on Memorial Day weekend adding a forth day and War Of The World opened on the 4th of July…typically the second highest grossing weekend next to the holiday season in December. Also, let’s not forget it’s been like 6 or 7 years since Mission II so the public is bored.
    Lastly, I totally buy into the theory that Katie never had a baby. I’ve been saying it all along.

  20. countrybabe

    Leslie please, Doofus you are exactly right nad Katie is at least 5’10. Why do they keep switching numbers. Page 6 says she’s getting 56 million, go girl. I told you I would do this for no less than 100.

  21. HelenSparkles

    Poor girl had that dead eyed look which is symptomatic of depression, she needs to be at home with her baby (wherever it came from). It is hard to see how this is not a successful man manipulating a more vulnerable younger woman.

  22. CruiseControl

    It must be hard living with Tom. He is such as control freak, it’s Tom’s way or the highway! She’s young and meek.

  23. is it a habit?

    Is it a habit for Katie ..sorry.. Kate to expose her undergarments. First it was that stupid unitard and now this! What the hell is up with that. Can’t she even check in the mirror before she goes out.

  24. Jackson

    Where is that baby? Haven’t they bought it yet?

  25. Blah

    Has Katie actually said a public word since that interview she did a couple of months ago?

  26. dirtdessert

    oh man you guys they cut her legs off mid-calf and put some prosthetic feet on. she wasn’t gone for the birth, she had amputations!@

  27. Blah

    Bwahahaha, dirtdessert!

    Maybe Tom should change his name to Petruchio, since his intended’s name is, after all, ‘Kate.’ Very sad that amid Tom’s mad obsession with controlling this woman, he apparently possesses no love, warmth or feeling for her whatsoever. What a miserable, empty life she must be leading, megabucks or no megabucks.

  28. anona

    I applaud Katie for showing off her post-baby body!! At least she’s not stick thin after birth like some of these celebs that have had liposuction, tummy tucks, etc.

  29. concerned

    im sorry but she needs to get away from this ‘thing’. he’s like draging her around. he has her in a death grip in the third pic.

    that permanent ‘happy’ smile is diappearing … and fast. has anyone else realized that katie hasnt said practically anything during this whole realationship. everytime they are doing an interview tom does all the talking and katie just sits there smiling or rambling on about how much she loves him.

    i hope you die tom cruise. you stupid cocky bastard.

  30. Blah

    *cue the Stones’ “Under My Thumb”…*

  31. Gregorio

    Tom Holmes is a short prick! Not only is he crazy but he has turned a young and promising actress by the name of Katie Holmes into a Scientology zombie!” Katie will you ever speak again?” I mean in your own words, Greg

  32. kristin

    Why is it a charade? Why do you not think they’re a real couple? What evidence is there that they’re not a real couple?

  33. tinks

    Urgh! I HATE Tom Cruise with a passion! The thing is, though, having her feeling drained and depressed and isolated is perfect for the Scientologists. They’ll then bring in “counsellors” and “friends” who will seem to fill the void and, ultimately, direct her thoughts and actions until she buys into the the cult’s bullsh*t without hesitation. I hope for an intervention. Where’s the A-Team when you need them?!

  34. JoelGoodSON

    Tombo might have some sort of complex because he never won an Oscar or Golden Globe. Guess T’s acting isn’t quite up to snuff. He freaked me out in Eyes Wide Shut. Risky Business just cracks me up he plays such a weasel in that movie.

  35. TomCruise

    You people are glib. I won a Golden Globe THREE times. I am the best actor. I also was nominated for an Oscar THREE times. Go see MI3!

  36. mandyandlaura

    where’s tom’s milk mustache?

  37. Mr. Jimi

    I think it’s quite cruel for him to be dragging her around like this less than a month after she gave birth. What a douche bag he is. WHat he refuses to realize is that he is SO OVER. No one cares anymore. I wish he would just go away.

  38. Democratus Junior

    He may just be wearing orthopedics. I where them because of an athletic injuring when i was 18 years old. So What? they put me up an inch, who cares?

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