Tom Cruise Get’s Bejewelled

December 31st, 2004 // 3 Comments

Tom Cruise has been awarded the ?Freedom Medal of Valor? by the Church of Scientology. WTF? The following are a list of Tom’s accomplishments if furthering the evil doings of the Church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise?s ?mission accomplishments? as follows:

?Spearheading LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] Purification tech into the heart of human disaster,? which is a nod to the actor?s efforts in New York City regarding controversial ?detoxification clinics.?

?Changing the face of education at national levels,? seemingly a reference to Cruise promoting Scientology?s ?study tech.?

?Eradicating the very thought of psychiatry,? Cruise shocked the public when he told one reporter that ?psychiatry should be outlawed.?

The tally counted by Scientology for Tom Cruise reads rather impressively.

He has reached ?250 million people? with ?study tech.?

?50 million people? with his warnings about the ?evil of psychiatry.?

The Hollywood star has reportedly touted the religion ?across 90 nations.”

And a purported “5,000 people hear his word of Scientology ? every hour,” the publication claims.

?Every minute, of every hour-someone reaches for LRH technology?simply because they know Tom Cruise is a Scientologist,? says International Scientology News.

[via Cult]

Who new that such “accomplishments” could be awarded with a gaudy piece of jewelry. Paris Hilton could have designed something better, while getting screwed on film, than this piece of crap.


(photos via Dave Touretsky)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MT

    No wonder Tom Cruise is a Scientologist! He’s actually taller than they are!

  2. MT

    P.S. Love the little alien overlooking it.

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