Tom Cruise Dressed Up As Dorothy From The Wizard Of OZ

August 26th, 2005 // 15 Comments

The “Friend of Dorothy” joke just writes itself. Tom’s also dressed up as a flapper – after the jump.

(via Dlisted)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. LLA



  2. bb

    aww he’s so pretty

    he would have made a good annie!

  3. Brian

    Now if only someone could find a prescription label for his ridalin or lithium or whatever the hell he’s on and publish photos of it……

  4. Oh jesus, that’s new levels of faggotry right there.

  5. Shana

    I love it.
    Makes so much sense.
    What a good Friday…

    RUN KATIE RUN !! (for god’s sake…run….)

  6. Is this real? Seriously? This is awesome.

  7. josephine

    not just dorothy, but slutty dorothy. i love that he’s showing some leg. i wonder what else he dressed up as for halloween as a kid…

  8. RubbRubb

    By the rubbery goodness vested in me, I hereby rename Tom Cruise to “Dorothy”.

    Henceforth, at all red carpet events where he shows his face, reporters, photogs, and fans alike will yell “Dorothy! Dorothy! Over HERE!”

  9. lazy

    OMG, he even has boobs in the first pic!

  10. Ali

    Is it just me or does he look like that girl from “Blossom”, Mayim Bialik??

  11. Mimsi

    HEE HEE, damn sexy!

  12. So on 2 different Halloween occasions he’s dressed up as a chick. I can’t think of any boy that would want to dress up as a chick for Halloween unless said boy was perhaps a bit gay. I think perhaps Cruise needs to just admit who he is and be happy with his gay self.

  13. ashley

    OF that’s even him, whatever. he has a bunch of sisters so i wouldn’t be surprised if they forced him.

    i still love him either way. hahaha.
    i agree with mimsi!

  14. AHA! So now we know who stole the ruby slippers!

  15. Tom3

    This is why $cientology has Tom Cruise by the balls.

    They know he is gay and they’re blackmailing him to keep him in their ripoff cult.

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