Tom Cruise & David Beckham’s Boys Night Out Infuriates Victoria

Licking his wounds after being booed at Sunday’s L.A. Galaxy game, David Beckham spent some quality time with his bro, Tom Cruise. The movie star joined David and Victoria Beckham for a night out on the town at Hyde in Los Angeles.

But just because wifey was along for the ride doesn’t mean that the boys were completely well-behaved. A spy tells that it was all fun and games until three scantily clad fans asked to pose for pictures with the Tom and David.

Vicky, who was posted up on the couch with her legs crossed throughout the course of the evening. And when the girls approached, Posh prepared to nix the photo-op, but David agreed with a friendly “Sure!” A very flirtatious encounter ensued, much to Victoria’s chagrin. But from these snuggled-up pictures of the couple, it looks like it was nothing a little make-up sex couldn’t fix.

Gallery Info: Victoria and David Beckham snuggle up in their car after his night out with Tom Cruise.