Tom Cruise Cares About Everyone In The World

And it’s all because of what he’s learned from Scientology. Down with psychiatry! It’s a scam. Tom’s cult religion is the answer to all your problems. He recently made a statement in which he claimed that Scientology has the only effective treatment for addiction. Oh how ignorant he has become. Join Scientology now, and after you’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars you can become as brainwashed as Tom Cruise has.

TVgasm has a video montage from Tom’s latest Access Hollywood appearance.
Is Tom Cruise bipolar? He sure seems to be when he switches back and forth from freaky to ultra-serious.

He also rejects traditional marriage counseling. “Look, you talk about marriage counseling. They say, “Hey, promiscuity is a part of marriage. It’s okay.’ You have this whole thing going out there. There is marriage counseling in Scientology that we apply that actually helps to put people back in communication with one another.”

Mmmm. So why the two divorces then Tommy?

The best part of when Tom is promoting a film, is that he provides many many ridiculous sound bites that keep me amused disgusted.

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