Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz Stop At The Tour De France To Promote ‘Knight and Day’

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have been on the endless publicity tour promoting their new film Knight and Day, which by the way people are absolutely loving. But now they’ve stopped to share some of the spotlight with Tour de France race leader Alberto Contador.

Photographed here on July 23rd, Tom gladly raised Contador’s arm in the air and really got the crowd going. Contador smiled happily after the 18th stage of the race between Salies-De-Bearn and Bordeaux, France. Both stars were dressed impeccably in their blue jeans and crisp white shirts. I’m loving Cameron’s short tweed jacket.

“Of course I’ve seen a lot of your films, but it’s a
little bit strange seeing you up close,” Contador said to Tom Cruise.

Daily Mail reports that the two stars have had quite the hectic schedule which will include an appearance on Top Gear this week. Its a good thing Cruise and Diaz have worked together before and in one of the most WTF movies of all time, Vanilla Sky. Tom Cruise doesn’t have problems making pals with just about everyone lately. Cameron Diaz however, isn’t really as lucky in the relationship department. I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

Either way, people are loving this film and the two renegade super stars.