Tom Cruise Asks Nicole To Postpone Her Wedding

March 10th, 2006 // 19 Comments

Let’s just start this off by saying that this is all speculation. The original source is also In Touch Weekly, who declared Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes kaput, so we know what kind of info we’re dealing with here.

Tom has asked Nicole to postpone her wedding to Keith Urban until after Katie gives birth to his alien baby. He is also concerned as to how the wedding will effect their children. WTF? As if his children aren’t fucked up enough already by the Scientology crap he lays on them everyday.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been seeing each other for an estimated seven months, and now it appears that the pair are set to wed. But now Nic’s ex Tom Cruise has some questions about the Aussie Power Couple (TM).

In fact, a report from In Touch Weekly reports that Cruise is specifically questioning his ex about Keith Urban and reportedly asked Nic to delay the upcoming wedding.

When Nic confided to Cruise about her plans the ex quizzed her, “are you sure you’re doing the right thing?”

He was concerned for their adopted children and a friend of Nicole’s tells the weekly that “Tom is wary of how it’s going to affect his life and the life of the kids.”

The report says Nicole gave Tom the same response. “She basically told Tom to mind his own business,” the insider dished.

Tom Cruise Asks Nicole Kidman to Delay Wedding with Keith Urban [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    IF this is true, then it’s just another indication of Tom’s egomaniacal control-freak ways.

    I’m glad she told him to mind his own business, but she should have said something more along the lines of “fuck off, you cult-following, couch-jumping, closet-case, deluded shit-for-brains.”

  2. ravenswing

    Rubbish, they barely speak to each other as it is.

  3. Lulu

    Just a comment the correct word is “affect”, not “effect” their children.

  4. They’re all f*kd up, every last one of them.

    Thanks for the grammer lesson.

  5. Jess

    Okay, let’s get this straight:

    First he dumps her, divorces her, then when she finally moves on and has a great man in her life who wants to marry her, he has the audacity to ask her to postpone and whatnot?!

    Now I know that Kidman is to Chanelified and poised to tell him where to go, so I will:

    Tom Cruise, take a live wire into the bath with you and make sure you bring Katie with you. You are too fucked for words.

  6. Kelsey

    Jess….that was BRILLIANT!!!

  7. Emma In London

    This has gotta be a joke! If it’s not Nicole should tell Tom to get well and truly fucked…….probably up his arse!

  8. Shana

    WTF?! If it is true, Why the f**k should Tom Cruise be worrying about who the hell Nicole Kidman marries? It’s none of his F**king business who she marries. I like what the article says “as if his children aren’t fucked up enough already by the Scientology crap he lays on them everyday.” That is so true. If he’s so worried about his children why doesn’t he just let Nicole Kidman have custody of them. She’s a parent then he is any day. I am a huge Keith Urban fan. If Keith and Nicole do get married I bet it will last longer then Tom and Katie’s marriage.

  9. Shana

    Oops….I made a mistake. It’s suppose to say She’s a better parent then he is any day.

  10. oh no

    if i were her i would ask tom when katie’s baby is due, then tell him oh what a coincidence that’s the day i’m getting married and the kids will be there.

    what the hell is the matter with this guy?!!?

    i <3 the fact tho that rosie o’donnell who used to be obsessed w/him called him a freak haha

  11. Rumor

    I don’t blame Katie. She’s young and thought she’d found the man of her dreams. Most young women are like this unless they’ve already had a lot of experience. And that is also why some older men deliberately seek out younger women. They want to run the show.

    Tom Cruise kind of seems like he’s spinning out of control. Maybe he’s starting to experience the mid-life crisis thing. Or maybe Scientology isn’t satisfying his inner spirit because he doesn’t seem peaceful. Something just seems wrong.

  12. Jan

    I think it’s all made up. I doubt if any of it’s true. I also don’t think Nicole is a good parent. She’s too busy watching Keith.

  13. Tara

    actually, that was Life & Style that said tom and katie split. In Touch has been right a lot of the time–

    and tom is such a nutjob–I don’t know why you WOULDN’T believe he’d do something like this

  14. Amanda

    This has me seething. If it’s real. If it is, Tom “Psycho” cruise has no right to tell who and when Nic can marry. The only thing that he should talk to her about is their children, her and Keith’s relationship is NO OF HIS DAMN BUISNESS! Nicole should tell tom to F off and go and marry Keith ASAP!

  15. Amanda

    I meant NONE of his buisness

  16. LOL!!!

    Tom Cruise thinks that Nicoles marriage would affect the children? Okay, knocking up a “Dawson’s Creek” post teenager is fine though? WTF?

  17. me

    Wouldn’t you be concerned if your ex was marrying a former drug addict?

  18. ethiopian_princess

    I really wouldn’t be shocked if this turned out to be true. I can hate Tom Cruise all I want, but he’s got gigantic balls. Remember: this is the man that declared war on the entire field of Psychiatry (meanwhile, 1/3 people will be depressed and their insurance companies will not cover therapy, so meds are the only option), jumped on Oprah’s couch (frankly, equal to James Frey’s audacity), pissed off every woman who has ever suffered from post-partum depression, and called Matt Lauer “glib” on the air. The common thread here is that no one has managed to tell him off in public, reducing him to the chipmunk that he is. I didn’t care much for Nicole as an actress while she was married to Cruise, but I adore her from getting away from that psycho. She needs to ensure that he stops feeding their children that scientology B.S. and I apologize to scientologists for being insensitive, but I simply do not consider scientology a religion. The one started by Star Wars/Trek fans is a million times more relevant and respectable in comparison to scientology.

  19. las

    Please remove Tom’s lips from his own backside. He and Nicole have divorced, and she has her own life that is thankfully free of the ridicule that he’s brought on himself. He should remove his petite self and his child bride from her life as much as can be done. If she wants to get married, it is her own damn business,

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