Tom Cruise Asks Nicole To Postpone Her Wedding

Let’s just start this off by saying that this is all speculation. The original source is also In Touch Weekly, who declared Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes kaput, so we know what kind of info we’re dealing with here.

Tom has asked Nicole to postpone her wedding to Keith Urban until after Katie gives birth to his alien baby. He is also concerned as to how the wedding will effect their children. WTF? As if his children aren’t fucked up enough already by the Scientology crap he lays on them everyday.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been seeing each other for an estimated seven months, and now it appears that the pair are set to wed. But now Nic’s ex Tom Cruise has some questions about the Aussie Power Couple (TM).

In fact, a report from In Touch Weekly reports that Cruise is specifically questioning his ex about Keith Urban and reportedly asked Nic to delay the upcoming wedding.

When Nic confided to Cruise about her plans the ex quizzed her, “are you sure you’re doing the right thing?”

He was concerned for their adopted children and a friend of Nicole’s tells the weekly that “Tom is wary of how it’s going to affect his life and the life of the kids.”

The report says Nicole gave Tom the same response. “She basically told Tom to mind his own business,” the insider dished.

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