Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Make St. Tropez Go Bonkers

(Big Pictures)

After spending the day onboard the yacht of newlywed billionaire Australian couple, James and Erica Packer, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes caused quite a stir among the local paparazzi at the VIP Room in St. Tropez. While in the club, TomKat enjoyed an evening of dancing and holding hands, says the club’s owner, Jean Roch. But it was when the two decided to leave that the media frenzy began, which, according to Roch was “crazy, crazy, crazy.”

“It was an amazing surprise. There were maybe 500 to 600 people gathered outside when they tried leaving. It was like word of mouth had spread all along the Cote d’Azur.”

First off, they weirded me out just be being the fakest, strangest couple I’d ever seen. And then they have a baby and now, they won’t stop dancing in public. Honestly, I think the dancing might actually be bothering me more than the couch-jumping. I have a feeling it looks a lot like two Elaines from “Seinfeld” attempting to bump and grind and it’s just not right.


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