Tom Cruise and John Cusack May Have Something in Common

Or someone. This woman, Emily Diane Leatherman, was arrested yesterday outside of Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills home. She’s possibly the same Emily Leatherman who John Cusack sought a restraining against order last year.

Emily Diane Leatherman, 32, was arrested at 3:36 p.m., and held pending $45,000 bail, Sgt. Rex McEvoy of the Beverly Hills Police Department said Friday.

McEvoy could not confirm if Cruise’s Leatherman was Cusack’s Leatherman–however, both women have the same first, middle and last names and are the same age. Police would not divulge who alerted authorities at about 3 p.m. to Leatherman’s presence.

Leatherman was arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and violating a restraining order, police said. McEvoy couldn’t say what hot item Leatherman allegedly had on her, and he couldn’t say whose restraining order she allegedly had defied.

No word on if Tom, Katie or Suri were home at the time of the arrest.

(Mavrix Photo)