Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Get Intimate

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz took a day off from stunts to get cozy on the set of their new movie Knight and Day in Long Beach, Ca. yesterday.

What is movie, you say, and why does the punny tittle lead you to believe it’s a Martin Lawrence sequel? By the looks of these pictures I would guess that the movie is about a couple that likes to run and snuggle and hang out with Paul Dano in handcuffs, but IMDB says it’s an action/comedy about a fugitive couple “with shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals”.  Wonder if this is Curise got the idea for the wiretapping.

When the cameras stop rolling Top Aviation Inspiration and Patriotism Award winner Cruise takes a break to eat and Diaz oscillates between hanging out under a parasol in the warm California sun and cradling someone’s toddler.  That sure isn’t Suri.