Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Are Still At It

Tom Cruise and his latest beard escort girlfriend, Katie Holmes just can’t keep their hands off of each other. cityrag has a composite of Tom and Katie’s awkward kisses. As if Rome wasn’t enough, they also headed to Vegas for to further this publicity stunt see Cirque de Soleil’s erotic “Ka” show in Las Vegas. Is Tom trying to get Katie to forget her virgin thoughts. Maybe he’s trying to get Katie’s mind off of Josh Hartnett who friends say Katie is madly in love with.

What do Sofia Vergara and Chris Klein think of all of this?

American Pie star Klein was reportedly sideswiped by the news that his ex-fiancee had moved on already. “I was shocked when I heard,” the actor confided to a pal. “I had no idea they were seeing each other.” What happened between the couple, who dated for five long years? “Katie and I got to the point where we were arguing a lot and in the end, she broke the engagement and walked out,” Klein lamented to his pal. “I suppose I wish her the best.”

Although Vergara has been busy filming a new movie in Toronto with ex-flame Mark Wahlberg, she and Cruise had kept in touch. “She certainly expected that when they were both back in Los Angeles they would begin dating again,” said her pal.

Sofia should be thankful, and Chris should just try and stay sober.
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