Tom Cruise Owns The Kids

December 21st, 2007 // 16 Comments

See, when he doesn’t have that laser-like smile going on, doesn’t he look kind of…uptight?Gargamel-ish almost? We reported recently on how Katie Holmes says that she is called “Mom” by Tom Cruise’s adopted chilldren Connor and Isabella. And how Nicole Kidman says that Connor and Isabella call her “Nicole”. Yeah – ouch. So it sort of looks like Katie let it slip that Tom wants Nicole to have as little to do as possible with the adoptees. They reportedly live with Tom full-time and are being home-schooled as Scientologists by Tom’s sister. Do they get a choice? When they turn 18, can they leave the spaceship? Nicole is now a practicing Catholic, and reportedly not jazzed about her kids being raised in that type of environment. I wouldn’t be either. They take your money. And I don’t mean they just take your money in that tithe basket they pass out in church that you have to drop a dollar into. You have to donate a percent of your earnings to the volcano god! Imaginary body thetan removal is expensive! Anyway, Tom’s had an angerball about Nicole since filed for divorce in 2001. Nicole claims she had a miscarriage after the divorce. Why would Tom throw a bitch out if she was pregnant unless…oh. Adopted kids, filed for divorce when the wife was pregnant. It’s all coming clear to me now. But you still don’t take the existing kids away from their Mom! That Tom Cruise is an ice queen!

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By J. Harvey

  1. scarlett

    I don’t think Tom took away the kids from Nicole. Nicole is the one who removed herself from her children; she decided to make movies around the world and not have a permanent home near them. The kids don’t call her mom because she no longer was a mother figure to them — you have to be with your kids, not call them on the phone and drop by for a visit now and then.

  2. Cynique

    The miscarriage she had was Tom’s spawn – turkey bastered bastard just like Suri, no doubt, but his. Nicole had it frozen for dna proof so Tom couldn’t file for divorce on the grounds of adultery. Seriously. It was reported at the time. You know if it wasn’t his he would have dragged her through the mud and not given her a dime. Those Scienos love them some court and some money.

  3. les

    While I do not understand Scientology, I think it is in poor taste to slam someone’s belief system. Would you slam Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc.? Of course not.

    Also, unless you were a part of that household and were close to the couple, how do you know for sure what happened between them? You don’t. Tom Cruise is just a convenient target for the internet gossip sites.

  4. Janepitt

    Nicole was an enterprising bitch, the marriage to Tom was for one thing only career advancement. People talk about what he has done to her. Please, she deserves what she gets and more. She sold the kids to Tom so she could get a large divorce settlement. What a pissexcuse for a mom. She wasted all her time making movies that no one cares to see. It’s people like her that make others think that adopted children aren’t revered as biological ones.

  5. Logan

    Nicole admitted that she did not have a miscarriage. She stated she had an ectopic pregnancy.

  6. kait

    Catholicism is NO better than Scientology. The kids are guaranteed f’d up lives no matter which
    “faith” they are raised with.

    Religion is so ridiculous. It’s the reason the world is at war. Who cares about these crazy, stupid, uneducated people anyway?

  7. Kate

    Why does he dress like such a friggin freak???

  8. kikichanelconspiracy

    I can’t get through ‘Mission Impossible III’, because everytime I start watching, Tommy Girl’s interpretation of a loving gaze for his intended comes across as a straight-up stalker glare of fury. It freaks me the hell out. He seriously looks at Michelle Monaghan’s character like the crazed ex-husband from some crappy Lifetime movie.

    I’m sure he took his inspiration from how he looks at his contractors, oops, wives (former and current).

  9. Sloane

    I’m surprised how few are sympathetic to Nicole. Just my opinion but I’ve always thought she took a classy approach when she didn’t have to. I feel like she did that for the children and because that’s who she is. They may not be close to her and that could be for all the reasons that Katie appears to have dropped her former friends as they have said. Because there seems to be a form of manipulation that results in things being one way one day and completely different another. My sympathies are with Nicole. And Katie and Tom putting an interview out like that shows just how little class they have. If the kids have grown closer to Katie, for whatever reason, Nicole has got to be saddened by it. Throwing salt in the wounds makes Katie sound somewhere between mean and self-congratulating.

  10. singer

    This is convenient that Nicole would say her kids don’t call her mom right when Katie supposedly takes over that role. It’s just another way to make the marriage look legit.

  11. kellygrrrl

    That was NOT Tom’s baby.
    It was the child of her orthopedic surgeon who treated her after a knee injury during Moulin Rouge.
    the doctor’s marriage survived, though not without everyone in LA and the valley hearing all the sorted details. his wife and her friends skewered him and he distanced himself from Nicole just after the breakup of her marriage and she had a miscarriage due to the overwhelming stress of both relationships ending simultaneously.

  12. d

    If it wasn’t Tommy Girl’s, there is no way he would have opted for a settlement. It was abundantly clear a while back that he owns the kids. Shortly after they divorced, Nicole seemed to have a bit more contact with them. I should also remind you that Tom makes movies around the world and did throughout the duration of his marriage to Nicole while Nicole stayed home mostly.

    I’m sure she agreed to some things that she now can’t take back without isolating her kids further like letting them be raised as Scientologists. They are 12 and 15 yet they’re being homeschooled by a woman who probably just finished high school?! Have you seen Jesus Camp with all the homeschooled militant evangelical Christian kids? That’s basically what this is. She can’t take back that decision and even if she opts for some messy legal thing and wins, her kids would probably hate her because they are in too deep. This is exactly why you shouldn’t lose yourself in relationships. My ex is Jewish and told me 2 years in that he wouldn’t marry me because I wasn’t. I was seriously considering converting and then I thought “hold the f— up. I didn’t up and convert some day. I didn’t change. My religion is a non-negotiable.” You can’t change or give up yourself for the purpose of someone else. Even if it’s something healthy like quitting smoking, you have to do it for you, not another person. Otherwise, you’ll wake up years from now and not recognize yourself.

  13. helene

    Remember when Tomwas alone atr home with the kids while nbicole spent her 10 years with Tom away shooting movies to movies all across the world.
    Tom is the one and only caring parent.
    She is a selfish narcissic carrierist bitch.
    She sold her LA house to be far away from Tom (who start renting once he lost the LA house at the divorce settlement) and went to Australia, she shoot 17 movies in 7 years!!!

    She is crazy and don’t forget she lied saying she was twice pregnant to win a movie part. She doesn’t care of her kids and Tom, she sucks.

  14. LRON

    to compare scientology to any real religion is a travesty. Hmmmm most religions began a couple thousand years ago and have survived the test of time.

    Scientology was created by a drug addict, sci fi writer in the 1960s. It professes ridding the body of bad space ghosts and that all humans are basically space alien droppings.

    Tom Cruise is a sick, weird individual whose career is failing badly. Scientology has been good for no one.

    And comparing careers how many hits has Tom had compared to Nicole.

  15. Nope

    Nicole never lie about being pregnant. Are you just making things up as you go along? In the interview Nicole said her children called her Nicole. Than she said hey to them but also add her children called her mom word. The press did leave that out. If you do the research.You will find the whole interview. In the early interview Nicole made a statement that couldn’t talk about her ex husband Tom and their children. Nicole did state how so miss her children and like to be with them. That makes you wonder right there. Something is wrong with the family. A latter interview did state that she brought a home with her husband for her children. Were her children can stay in privet.

  16. sis

    I do not think that Suri is Tom`s child. He has been married to Nihcole for years, but no baby. He was married to Mimi Rogers, but no child came out of it. This whole story of he being the father of Suri is simply a cover story to maintain his image. Hollywood history is full of cover stories like that. I am looking forward to the comming of Kate and Tom`s next child. My guess is that Suri will be the only child in that marrige that is not adopted. If someday I am proven to be wrong, I`ll eat my computer.

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