Tom Cruise Seemed To Have A Sense Of Humor For A Second There But That Was Quickly Proven False

Tom Cruise is making a cameo in Ben Stiller’s new flick “Tropic Thunder”, and wearing a bald cap and fat suit as if to illustrate what happens if he ever defies the teachings of Xenu. It’s nice to see Tom lighten up, that is until his lawyers started acting stank when photos of Tom in his fat suit showed up in the blogs. Oh snap, you’ll spoil the film! Who in the hell is in suspense over another Ben Stiller comedy? We know what’s going to happen! Awkward moments, Ben stuttering and acting enraged while he’s humiliated, and a guest appearance by his parents or Owen Wilson. Well, Owen might sit this one out, obviously. Anyway, back to Tom’s newest stick in the ass behavior.

“It was crazy,” an editor at one of the celeb weeklies told []. “We had at least four calls from publicists and two legal letters on Friday. All they did was draw more attention to the picture.”

The photos were traced back to photo agency INF, who pulled the pics from circulation. Sources say that Tom doesn’t want the photos out there because he doesn’t want his iminent future exhibited so widely. Seriously, someone that weird is bound to end up looking freakish eventually. Ok, actually sources are saying that it could be because “Tropic Thunder” isn’t being made by Tom’s production company (although his contract with United Artists does allow him to make films without them) or that they didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Well stop doing weird things and the paparazzi won’t follow you around as much and spoil your fat suit work!

Photos: Getty Images