Tom Cruise and Scientology Helped Rebuild NYC After 9/11

It’s probably no coincidence that all of this Scientology video footage of Tom Cruise has been leaked at the same time that Andrew Morton’s unauthorized biography on the actor is coming out, but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The most recent video bit has Tom Cruise and a booming narrator talking about 9/11, inter-cutting scenes of clearing out wreckage and rebuilding, while both Tom and the narrator brag about Tom’s efforts during that time.

Identifying Scientologists as “the authorities” on everything, essentially, Cruise explains how it was Scientologists like himself who stepped into the situation and saved the day. According to Tom, “The EPA came out and said the air was clean. Of course, as a Scientologist, you go, ‘That’s a lie, [an] out[right] lie . . .’ You know, you just go, ‘Liar. Fine.’ ” In your face, Environmental Protection Agency. Tom Cruise would like you to suck it.

Meanwhile, I had a flat tire the other day, and even though I’m pretty sure I was able to change it myself…I’m starting to think that maybe it was Scientology that fixed it.

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More photos of Tom Cruise celebrating his son Conner’s birthday with dinner at Cut in The Beverly Wilshire Hotel after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

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