Tom Cruise Wanted to Free Jennifer Garner from the Burden of Life Without Him

All smiles here, Tom Cruise is on his way to a business meeting in New York, in town with Katie during the promotional tour she’s taking for her film, “Mad Money.” You wouldn’t be able to tell from the actor’s face that a whirlwind of strange accusations are surrounding him including an awkward attempt to seduce Jennifer Garner, and that his current wife, Katie Holmes agreed to a contractual obligation to commit to Scientology before they were even married.

The book’s title is, “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography,” and claims that before he engaged in some couch-jumping love declarations for his then future wife, Katie Holmes, he was trying to get some play from Jennifer Garner. The book alleges that about four years ago, Tom left a voicemail to Jennifer, asking her “if she knew what freedom was.” My guess is that he wanted her to call him back, so he could sexily tell her it was “just another word for nothing left to lose,” but it appears that she was not interested in marrying an emotionally unstable elf.

Also, in this thumbnail all the way to left, just below, it looks like Tom just barely missed stepping in some vomit, but according to his description of Scientology and how it helps you know the answers to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, he probably knew it was there all along, silly unbelievers.