Tom Brady’s Reaction to The News He’s With Child

February 20th, 2007 // 15 Comments


This is interesting. Golden Boy already knew .

The Six Degrees star reportedly didn’t inform the New England Patriots quarterback until the last minute that she was planning on announcing that she is more than three months pregnant through Liz Smith’s New York Post gossip column.

A friend of Brady’s tells Us that the Superbowl champ was blindsided by Moynahan’s press blitz. “He’s disappointed this is how she’s decided to play it,” says the pal. “She announced it to make him look like a jerk.”

While the friend says the couple didn’t know Moynahan, 36, was pregnant when they broke up in November, Brady “has known about it for a while.”

Much to my chagrin, because I’m an obvious shit-stirrer, Gisele Bundchen didn’t seem freaked out at all by this turn of events. Keep reading for how she reacted to the news.

On the night of February 17, Brady, 29, began “taking constant calls on his cell” while at the hotel, says a Ritz source.

But the 26-year-old supermodel — who’d been acting as tour guide for her man during sojourns to Versailles and Cafe de la Paix — didn’t seem fazed that their sightseeing was interrupted.

Says the source: “Whenever he started to look stern, Gisele would give him a kiss and say, ‘Stay cool.’”

The more that I think about it, what the hell does she care? They aren’t married and she can exit whenever the hell she wants or when Tom starts showing signs of breakage from his new babydaddy role. I doubt we were gonna start seeing her Vicky’s Secret-clad ass at Gillette Stadium anytime soon. Too damn cold for her! And she doesn’t want to watch peasants wolf down hot dogs. It offends her very nature! She’d have to vomit on someone and instruct them about lettuce soup and Baked Lays.

UPDATE: Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee, gave Brady’s first official statement about the pregnancy to the Associated Press today.

“Tom and his family are excited about the pregnancy, and want to thank everyone who has shown support, and particularly for their consideration of Tom’s privacy,” Brady’s agent, Don Yee, told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Mmmm hmmmm. Brotha, please.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    Yessss, Tom’s a twitter with glee that a woman he dumped is preggo. Gisele can sure pick ‘em. Nice slam at moms, while confirming the joyous news Tom.

  2. Margaret

    Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with Tom and Gisele’s lovey, lovey public canoodling while Brig is carrying Tom’s kid? Just good taste would say, keep it low key. If Gisele wants an irresponsible guy like Tom Brady, then she deserves him. I hope he screws her over, too (no pun intended). The real blame here goes to Tom’s family. I guess his parents never told him where babies come from or how they’re made. You gotta feel sorry for the jerk – he just didn’t know.

  3. jen

    Tom and Giselle have no class. I’m sure it makes Bridget feel real good seeing them together. If Tom ever loved her he should have kept it on the down low for a while. Tom your parents should be emarrassed by your actions. Giselle go back to Brazil.

  4. KellyV

    It’s my opinion, and most likely true, that barring some medical reason that birth control pills are not an option, women don’t accidentally get pregnant past the early 20′s unless they are unable to care for themself properly. You either take birth control seriously, or you take your chances. Taken properly it’s 99% effective.

  5. Lauren

    maybe i’m an optimist.

    i think that it is most likely that they broke up and THEN she realized she had gotten preggo after the breakup. when you’ve been together a couple of years, it becomes obvioius whether or not you can make it in the long run.

    people get preggo by accident and usually with the worst timing.

    i just found out a friend has gotten pregnant.
    she was on the pill, has one ovary, and her uterus is backward or some crazy thing like that. but hey! she’s pregnant. it happens.

  6. theoriginalbitch

    Thank you Kelly V! Poor Bridgett my ass. She’d been with this guy for approximately 3 years and hadn’t managed to get pregnant during all of that time. Hell she’s no spring chicken and I think she gets how contraceptives work. This looks to me like a last ditch, sophmoric attempt to hold on to a man that backfired.

  7. cowgirls

    She’s getting on in her years she figures now or never no matter who else is affected.

  8. elle

    it seems a little too convenient that bridget got pregnant around the time that her relationship with tom brady was going sour? she is 36, probably desperately wanted a relationship and child with him and probably was hoping if she got pregnant it would help her to keep him. she manipulated and got what she wanted, a connection to him for life. then she has the balls to go to the media about her pregnancy, to make him look stupid! i feel bad for tom.

  9. kitekat

    A man can use protection.
    A woman can use protection.
    It is neither exclusively the man’s nor the woman’s job.

    Obviously both did fail somehow.

    What really makes Tom a jerk is:
    - not using protection when he already thought about dumping bridget
    - telling his friends to bash bridget in the media
    - not being more secretly about his latest conquest (score a new conquest so soon after a break-up would hurt any ex-girlfriend, even more so when she is pregnant). did tom ever think about how bridget might feel? she is the mother to his child and he should treat her with respect.
    - releasing a cynic statement about the whole thing (“thanks for respecting privacy”). Well, sooner or later the belly will bulge out and everyone will know.

  10. skrpune

    The pill being 99% effective means that it’s INEFFECTIVE 1% of the time. Assume these people have had sex more than 100 times in 3 years (if not, then perhaps that’s part of the reason the’re no longer together!), and also take into consideration that fluctuations in the timing of the pills or taking antibiotics can render them ineffective – it’s no shocker that someone can get pregnant even while using birth control. If you really need a primer on how the pill works, check this out – the numbers are pretty scary:

    Accidental pregnancies can and do happen. I’m not saying that’s the case here, I’m just saying that it’s not that hard to fathom that this pregnancy was unplanned.

    And as for her having the “balls” to go to the media about her pregnancy, what, do you want her to hide the baby bump for the next 6 months?! And then what about when the baby is born, hide the kid & not tell anyone who the father is? This is what celebrities do – if they get preggers, they make a happy announcement so they can stay on the public’s radar.

  11. Brett

    Anyone ever heard of break up sex? IMO, Moynahan is using this for attention instead of keeping it a private matter. Doesn’t she have a new movie coming out soon? Coincidence? I don’t think so. Celebrity whore. Using your unborn child to advance your career and stay in the tabloids until the kid is born lumps you into the Shitney Spears motherhood club. Congratulations.

  12. EraserFan

    I hope all the readers of ASL have a great time at their upcoming Junior Proms! Remember, No Glove No Love! Don’t Drink if you’re Underage! and most importantly – This is your brain on DRUGS.

  13. sallypierre

    first off, bridget is almost 40 years old. she needs to stop acting like a teenager and just get on with it. sure he’s off with someone else but from what i read she was off with someone else too after the breakup. she and TB should provide DNA to compare to the baby when it’s born to answer any question about who the father is cause stuff is going to be said to this kid. the baby’s welfare (health and financial) should be top priority. both so-called adults need to stop talking especially through publicists.

  14. Teena

    Listen, they broke up for a reason. I think I heard way back when that it was due to their “busy schedules.” Whatever, if they really loved and cared for each other they would’ve/could’ve made it work. But they broke up and life moves on. It does seem very suspicious, however, that they dated for 3 years and only now does she get knocked up. As a woman, I know when I can get pregnant and how I can get pregnant. I’m sure Bridget is smart enough to know the same. Of course Brady shares responsibility when it comes to “protection”, but face it, he probably wasn’t asking her in what part of her “cycle” she was in.

    My husband and his ex got divorced before their son was born. My husband was in his life the minute he took his first breath and will be until my husband takes his last breath. He loves his son more than anything and is actively involved with him. It’s not typical, it’s not perfect, but it can work.

    However, I’m on Team Brady!

  15. Cindy

    Bridget is pregnant. Tom has already admitted paternity. They might not have known at the time of the break-up, but soon after. Tom has mishandled this from the beginning. For years he’s been New England’s pretty poster boy, with the press doing puff pieces on him. Along comes a bump(no pun intended)in the road. Does Brady step up to the plate? No, he keeps putting Bridget off on announcing the pregnancy. Then he cavorts all over the place with the most famous model in the world. Meanwhile, BM is starting to show. She makes the announcement. Now Brady is acting like a petulant little boy who has been told NO for the first time in his life. He’s getting bad press. Whoever his handlers are must have been pulling their hair out. Brady is a loser. He also better reign in Gisele. She’s adding insult to injury by slamming BM in the press, then sending her presents for the baby. No woman out there can honestly say they wouldn’t flip out in the same situation.

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