Tom Brady’s Officially A Babydaddy


When she gave birth did she curse Gisele’s name and wish a pox on her? I bet she did. People get enraged and truthful when they birth a child. Bridget Moynahan gave birth to New England Patriots god Tom Brady’s baby yesterday in L.A. I hope she named it “Ka-ching”.

During her fifth month, Moynahan talked to Martha Stewart about becoming a mom, saying: “I’m a little nervous, ’cause I haven’t done it before.”

On Monday, Brady, 30, called impending fatherhood “a very joyous, happy situation,” and on Wednesday he was missing from practice, according to the Boston Globe. While the Patriots declined official comment on Brady’s whereabouts, the newspaper reports he hitched a lift to L.A. on the Kraft family’s private jet.

Flowers? That’s actually….kinda sweet. Maybe he’s not an ass and this just kinda happened. How come Eddie Murphy didn’t handle things like this? Answer: he’s an asshole and into trannies. Anyway, maybe Tom and Bridget might make it work eventually. It’s like a bad romantic comedy, but these things happen. Gisele is SO the stereotypical evil model new girlfriend. You know she’s going to expose those nude modeling photos Bridget did when she was starving if Tom looks to stray!