Tom Brady Says He Didn’t Cheat

Hah! Fooled you! You thought this story was going to be about his baby-momma drama with cast-off Bridget Moynahan didn’t you? Nope, it’s actually a story about Boston’s Golden Boy denying that he’s been cheating on the football field! Besides, if we did run a story about him messing around on his women, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. You’d look at this photo and be like “uh, isn’t he a flaming homosexual”? What was with this vulnerable in black and white portrait series that he did? Do the other guys on the team ever give him shit about this stuff?

But yesterday, during his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan Show,” the Patriots quarterback finally loosened up a bit, shooting down the notion that he was getting information piped into the headset in his helmet after the opposing team’s defensive signals were being deciphered via illegal videotaping.

Brady said it was “absurd” to think that he was getting in-game information.

“By no means am I sitting here getting plays and getting defenses and checking plays based on defenses that I’m getting. That’s completely absurd,” Brady said. “If that was the case, I think that’s just ridiculous. You know, I hear other players, based on what I’ve heard on television, that ‘Brady’s getting defenses.’ I’m saying, ‘That’s just ridiculous.’

I feel like I need to go see some boobies at the peeler bar after writing this post. I just did a sports story! I need to go seed the lawn, and bang a lady, and go to Home Depot for varnish and not to pick up guys to complete this manly endeavor.

More photos of Tom Brady from VMan after the jump.

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