Tom Brady Says He Didn’t Cheat

September 19th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Hah! Fooled you! You thought this story was going to be about his baby-momma drama with cast-off Bridget Moynahan didn’t you? Nope, it’s actually a story about Boston’s Golden Boy denying that he’s been cheating on the football field! Besides, if we did run a story about him messing around on his women, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. You’d look at this photo and be like “uh, isn’t he a flaming homosexual”? What was with this vulnerable in black and white portrait series that he did? Do the other guys on the team ever give him shit about this stuff?

But yesterday, during his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan Show,” the Patriots quarterback finally loosened up a bit, shooting down the notion that he was getting information piped into the headset in his helmet after the opposing team’s defensive signals were being deciphered via illegal videotaping.

Brady said it was “absurd” to think that he was getting in-game information.

“By no means am I sitting here getting plays and getting defenses and checking plays based on defenses that I’m getting. That’s completely absurd,” Brady said. “If that was the case, I think that’s just ridiculous. You know, I hear other players, based on what I’ve heard on television, that ‘Brady’s getting defenses.’ I’m saying, ‘That’s just ridiculous.’

I feel like I need to go see some boobies at the peeler bar after writing this post. I just did a sports story! I need to go seed the lawn, and bang a lady, and go to Home Depot for varnish and not to pick up guys to complete this manly endeavor.

More photos of Tom Brady from VMan after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    These photos….um….well it reminds me of Napolean Dynamite when that football uncle guy tried to get his photos taken by Napolean’s sort of girlfriend. I’m sort of embarrassed for him.

  2. Persistent Cat

    He’s not cute. He doesn’t look awful in those pictures but he’s got a scrunched in face.

  3. krystyn

    oh trust me J…he gets PLENTY of shit from his teamates for these stupid photos!

    and I heard that interview. Too bad ESPN and others aren’t running it, because it describes a little better what they were accused of and what they did and didn’t do…

    whatevs, I love me some Tom Brady. DROOL

  4. SammySushi

    Oh my…the wet tee pic. Love that more than any topless shot.

    If his teammates ain’t giving him sh%t, the defenses will. Next sack, I’ll be wondering what the defender had to say before he lets Brady up from the ground.

    For as smart as a QB the sport colors paint Brady, pretty ridiculous response…sounds like he may be a few concussions short from formulating a more articulate reponse as to why the claim is ridiculous. Since I’m not bothering to look at the entire interview and only J. Harvey’s snippets, I guess I’ll assume he gives reasons why its ridiculous.

  5. peachpie

    i have to agree with T-Bone. i’m kind of embarassed for the guy. those pictures are just… well…. icky. they make me want to look away. and never look back at them.

  6. krystyn

    sammysushi-he did go into further detail. and he has no issues formulating sentences.

    this is really just a small snippet from what was about a 20-25 minute interview.

  7. 2 Old 4 This

    His offensive linemen print up his beefcake pictures and wear them on the backs of their practice jerseys so all Brady sees in front of him at the line of scrimmage… Tom Brady

    Tom Brady in a towel
    Tom Brady with a little lamb
    Tom Brady half naked


    can I play?

  8. patfan

    The Pats rule. Brady is a great quarterback and they are an amazing team. Tom’s hot as hell too. This is a clear case of the other teams esp. the jets being jelous pussy baby whiney shitass losers.

  9. Dani

    Typical Pats fan response.

    Tom Brady is a tool. Remember the year his NFL photo looked like Ace Ventura? Priceless.

    Also…his girlfriend is totally a dude.

  10. Suz

    ‘pussy baby whiney shitass losers’

    That is HYSTERICAL! What exactly is the point of these photos? Fact is he DID leave his pregnant girlfriend. If you love her enough to make a baby with her and you are spouting off about how you are a devote Catholic I guess you should STICK AROUND AND WORK ON THE RELATIONSHIP. NO photos are going to change the perception of that…
    Self important, selfish,loser.

  11. jen

    krystyn (or should I say, GISELLE) hahahahahaha. Give me a break, ok? Tom Brady IS a cheater and for him to sit here and tell us he doesn’t cheat is BS. The coach admitted to doing it therefore TOM DID IT. So get over yourself and realize that your golden boy ain’t so golden. He’s a good QB, but he’s not a very good person. I wouldn’t put it past him to cheat. (kinid of amazing how he left Bridget and was IMMEDIATELY dating Giselle, huh…cheating again?)

    Odd how for the past several years, different teams have accused the Pats of cheating and NOONE believed them…betcha they are now!

  12. krystyn

    dear lord jen. get a grip. I merely said that I listened to the entire interview, and being a sports fan have half a clue about what really happened. Not once did I say they didn’t do it, or that they didn’t cheat nor did I bring up the baby drama. Are you sure you’re not that bitter hag Bridget??

    Go turn on ESPN so you can prove how “into sports” you are and get your stories there.


  13. Lisa

    I gotta say, Tom is usually very HOT and sexy (especially after a game–oh my!), but he looks awkward in these photos and uncomfortable in front of the camera. His obvious discomfort makes me a bit uncomfortable, too. BUT–I don’t want to hear any more about how he should have worked it out with Bridget–it takes 2 to tango and working it out would require 2 people. Perhaps none of you have ever broken up with anybody??

  14. what goes around comes around

    serious says:

    Brady got the message:
    1. do not try to bash a baby momma you just dumped
    2. do not flaunt your brazilian girlfriend too publicly if you have recently dumped baby momma
    3. do not talk about your baby
    4. say that you will be a good father and that you want to keep thing private
    5. do not allow you brazilian girlfriend to insult your baby momma via the press
    6. wait till the season starts and people will focus on football instead of your bad behaviour

    Let us do some calculation:
    baby born 22. August 2007

    baby was fathered around:
    earliest date: 22. November 2006 or later (because many babies are rather born earlier but they rarely stay “longer” in the belly ;-)
    Wasn’t Brady already dating Gi at that time?

  15. what goes around comes around

    With those photos Brady tries the “soft approach” to women’s hearts. As if a few photos of a cute guy could make you forget that he cheated, that his girlfriend bashed the baby momma, that his friends bashed the baby momma (“Bridget tried to trap him”-ridiculous) and that he ignored and hurt the baby momma.

    Really he probably thinks that women are sooooooo stupid to fall for a few cute and sensitive photos even if the guy pictured is a … (fill in what you think)

  16. sarah

    Cheater (football)
    baby daddy bashing the baby’s momma
    Cheater (girlfriend)
    deadbeat dad


    He is a f*cking quarterback not a fashion model.
    And by the way: who wants him to model his brands now that he treated his baby momma like that?
    Many woman are just angry when they see him or photos of him. Each time I see him somewhere on a photo I get angry because of the way how he treats his baby’s momma and how he “deals” with his fatherhood (not at all) and what behaviour concerning parenthood/responsibility/sexuality/relationship he publicly promotes.

    I don’t like him at all any more.

  17. arkshark77

    My 23 yr old gf claimed she had a 10 month tryst with this loser in Nashville and dc in 2007. Naturally i blew it off as bs. She now informs me he appeared at her house day after thanksgiving at her parents house. WTF. Anyone know where this ass was before the Saints game ON THE 26TH? he may have a beatdown comming.
    Do i really have something to worry about ? Hmmm.

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