Tom Brady Okay After Car Crash, Still Pretty

Tom Brady appears OK after his Audi was involved in a crash in Boston this morning, when a passenger van apparently collided with his car and ricocheted into a traffic light.

Mr. Gisele Bündchen was fine, while the other driver was unconscious and taken to the hospital. Officials have declined to confirm identities of anyone involved in the wreck, but eyewitnesses have identified Brady.

According to Boston’s WEEI radio, where Brady has a scheduled appearance each week, the accident happened early today and left him “shaken” but otherwise unhurt.

Bündchen, 30, is currently in New York for Fashion Week, and walked the runway Tuesday night at Lincoln Center. She was expected for appearances later tonight for Fashion’s Night Out in New York but will likely return to Boston.

Fear not, normal humans, the pretty people are still okay! Here are pictures of Tom after the accident in Boston.