Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s New $20 Million Home Not So Environmentally Friendly

April 26th, 2010 // 9 Comments

Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady are building a new home, I’m sorry a 20,000 foot mansion with a covered bridge, six-car garage, elevator, butler’s room, wine bar and gallery, and lagoon shaped swimming pool, in Los Angeles. Baby Benjamin is going to have some sick parties in there, I just hope we are tight by then. For those guys who
bought Stetson cologne
or the ladies who invested
in a pair of Gisele’s sandals
I think you
deserve a swim in the pool at least.
The house looks down on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s place and is estimated at $20 million plus $11 million for the 3.75 acre property. Maybe the taxes on that thing will give California a much needed boost.

While it sure is pretty, The Boston Herald  points out some poor modeling by the U.N. environmental ambassador. “How big a space do two people need?” the paper quotes Philip Dowds, a Massachusetts Sierra Club official and professional architect. “A 20,000 square-foot house – the resources that it takes to put it together and the land that it needs, this just can’t happen anymore.” The paper also points out that the two-story-house’s elevator contradicts Gisele’s own advice to take the stairs. “In addition to exercising, you save the electric power of the elevators,” she says on

By Madison Ventura

  1. Basketca

    True, they don’t need so much space.
    But an UN environmental ambassador would do better trying to stop the Amazonas’ deforestation or the jungles that are dissapearing in India instead of saying Gisele Bundchen should have a smaller house.

    By the way, he should say it about almost every famous or rich person in this world.

  2. daws

    It’s not an all or nothing thing. You can be environmentally conscience in other ways. They want a big luxurious home, just let them enjoy it. There are more pertinent fights in the environmental front.

  3. what?

    you idiot, she is the UN environmental ambassador. and now a hypocrite. excess, even if you can afford it, is disgusting when you see how little everyone else around really have.

  4. Wow

    What a ridiculous non-argument to say that there are more important fights regarding the environment. It all contributes to the same problem, and a $20 million unsustainable, irresponsibly built mansion is not a small matter, especially when purchased by a U.N. Environmental Ambassador. The point being made is that she’s a hypocrite. Also, to the first commenter lacking reading comprehension skills, the quote is from Philip Dowds, a Massachusetts Sierra Club official and professional architect.

  5. WishYouWereHere

    Once again, “it’s do as I say, not as I do” from the celebrities!

  6. hoosiermom

    Who cares? If we all had the money those two have, we would build huge pretentious houses as well. I know I sure would!

  7. Einstein

    Interesting to ascribe pretentiousness to an inanimate object. Then again, it sounds about right, since it’s geniuses like you and Gisele that don’t mind pissing on the environment.

  8. Deborah

    True-no one needs a 20,0000 sq foot house-but they want one and they obviouly can afford one and probably their own windmill/tower as well. Isn’t the the Spelling and Oprha mansion more gigantic-And if everyone is really complaining-then get on the committees to regulate the size of new homes being built-An elevator is a smart thing for in-laws-My friend has one and you do not have to rich-It is only used for the mother who cannot climb stairs-I find it hard to believe that the Bradys as fit as they are are going to be using the elevator and so what if they do-They can afford it-They also donate their time and lots of $ to charity-Why don’t you use your energy to bring the troops home to protect our borders????

  9. suzanne

    Perhaps she should resign her position as UN Ambassador to the Environment…that at least would be the gracious thing to do. But celebrities are rarely gracious and often self serving. Ms Bundchen’s position as UN Ambassador only enhances her publicity and therefore her earnings potential. How many people have actually followed her environmental advice? I doubt they would fill a small american town. If the UN was serious they would get properly qualified Ambassadors – who have something to offer – and who devote their lives to these issues .We should be elevating these people to idol status not someone who spruiks often useless commodities for a living

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