Tom And Katie Set To Marry

Maybe then this nightmare will end.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are planning to get married next month. The pair will reportedly marry at the Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles

According to Digitalspy quoting More magazine a source said: “Tom has encouraged Katie to embrace our faith and they have both agreed to a Scientology wedding service. The couple are planning to spend their honeymoon on a luxury yacht.

Until then, don’t expect Tom to ever leave her alone.

When Holmes accompanied Cruise to a recent taping of “The View,” eyebrows were raised when she wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom alone. At one point, Cruise asked where the bathroom was and “took Katie with him into the men’s room,” an insider says. Later, when Holmes needed to go, “three Scientologists followed her in.” A rep for “The View” said, “We don’t follow guests to the bathroom.”

Is there some Scientology peeing ritual that we haven’t been made aware of? Maybe there is there is some miraculous healing power of peeing that must be witnessed when a Scientologist pees? I don’t know, but I’m sure Tom Cruise knows the all facts behind the healing powers of peeing.

Meanwhile, Brooke Sheilds is still taking Tom to task for his offensive postpartum depression comments. In an op-ed piece published Friday in The New York Times, Shields criticized what she called Cruise’s “ridiculous rant.”

“I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression,” Shields wrote.

She added that Cruise’s comments “are a disservice to mothers everywhere. To suggest that I was wrong to take drugs to deal with my depression, and that instead I should have taken vitamins and exercised shows an utter lack of understanding about postpartum depression and childbirth in general.”

“If any good can come of Mr. Cruise’s ridiculous rant, let’s hope that it gives much-needed attention to a serious disease,” she wrote.

How much do we love Brooke?

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